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The Botanical
Owner Chris Lucas and Chef Paul Wilson have kept the restaurant as one of the best if not the best in Melbourne across from the Royal Botanic Gardens in the South Yarra district.
Author: Paul Wilson
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1740 663946 (Hardie Grant-Australia)

Der BrĂŒgger Die Indochine KĂŒche des 21 Jahrhunderts
Wini Brugger won one of our first Best Chef Book awards, in 1997, for his Asian Fusion cookbook, published first by Pacific Century of Hong Kong, and by John Wiley. He came to receive his award at the Astor Restaurant, in Paris, which was then advised by Joel Robuchon. Wini Brugger is now back in Vienna, after many years in Southeast Asia. His new book is stunning, showing his personal achievement and progress in these last 10 years. He is one of the chefs that have decided to produce their own book, and it is a masterpiece: the text, the recipes, the design and the superb photography all are excellent.
Author: Wini Brugger Photos Michael Inmann
Publisher: www.derbrugger.com ISBN: 978-3-200-00813-7 (Der Brugger-Austria)

Belgium – Dutch
Ciel Bleu. Eigenzinnige Franse Keuken. Hotel Okura Amsterdam.
The star chef of Hotel Okura has a special personal view on french cookery.
Author: Onno Kokmeijer Jurriaan Geldermans Photos: Stephane Verheye Olivier Chenoix Joris Luyten
Publisher: ISBN: 978 905856220-3 (Stichting Kunstboek)

Belgium – French
Willy Slawinsky (1948-1992)
The Chef Willy Slawinsky is still considered a pionneer of the best ideas and techniques that today are becoming recognized, on the same level as chefs Michel Bras or Pierre Gagnaire. A special limited edition of 2000 numbered copies gives a full tribute to Slawinsky, in 6 parts:. * La Cuisine ReflĂ©chie – The Chef and his Ideas. * The Restaurant of the Future. * Testimonials. * Inventive and audacious Recipes. * Reproduction of some visionary menus. * 10 Reproductions of Slawinsky personal documents.. There has never been a publisher’s effort similar to this for any chef. You have to see it. It is a very significant part of culinary history. For those who want a taste of Slawinsky’s food, the best place is Patrick Devos Zilveren Pauwu in Bruges.. See: www.patrickdevos.be
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9077695463 www.homarus.be (Homarus Editions Culinaires-Belgium)

Canada – English
A Year at Les Fougeres
Les Fougeres is one of the two best restaurants in Ottawa. Sommelier Veronique Rivest has been named International Femme du Vin of the Year 2007 in Paris. Chef Part was finalist for Chef of the Year 2006.
Author: Charles Part and Jennifer Warren-Part
Publisher: ISBN: 978 0978160265 (Chelsea Books)

Canada – French
Au Pied de Cochon – L’Album
Published for the fifth anniversary of the restaurant in Montreal. The book is different in many ways from other chef books. It is also full of professional tips.
Author: Martin Picard
Publisher: Isbn 9782980949845 www.restaurantaupieddecochon.ca (Martin Picard – Canada)

Healthy Dishes for the Imperial Court
The chef started this book in 2003. With new design, the photography takes much space, showing beautiful famous dishes with style. Its most important aspect is to show the quality of the historical cuisine of yesterday that is available today, to transmit the knowledge, experience and skills.
Author: By Chef Jiao Ming Yao from Beijing restaurant Tian Xia Yi Jia The world is a family
Publisher: ISBN: 978 7 5019 5928 (China Light Industry Press)

Skagen Fiske Restaurant. Mad Og Mennesker
Skagen Fish Restaurant Cookery by one of the best chefs in Denmark
Author: Lars Thomassen Jesper Winter
Publisher: ISBN 9788 764 101300 www.klematis.dk www.skagen-fiskerestaurant.dk (Klematis)

Tervetuloa meille! Welcome to our home!
From Bring-a- Dish-Party to Representative dinners. Michelin star rated restaurant G. W. Sundmans. The cookbook of year 2007 in Finland for the Societé des Gastronomes Finlandais.
Author: Jarmo VÀhÀ-Savo Virve Hyykoski Anna Paljakka
Publisher: ISBN: 978-951-1-21907-1 (Otava)

"Olivier Bellin – Carnet de Chefs


Kunst und Magie in der KĂŒche
Harald Wohlfahrt is one of Europe’s top chefs at Schwarzwalstube Restaurant in Traube Tonbach Hotel in the Black Forest.
Author: Harald Wohlfahrt Holger MĂŒhlberger Photos: Bjorn Kray Iversen
Publisher: ISBN: 978 386 5282767 Fax: 49 7442 492092 (Umschau)

A Scent of the Mediterranean

Author: Mihalis Dounetas Photos: Joerg Lehmann
Publisher: ISBN: 978 960 8823853 (Hot Pepper)

At Rosenstein’s
Available in English – Authentic hungarian food in the kitchen dining room of a great big family.
Author: Frank JĂșlia
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9631 356434 (Corvina)

Eden Cookbook
Recipes from one of Dublin’s top restaurants in the heart of Temple Bar.
Author: Eleanor Walsh and Michael Durkin
Publisher: ISBN: 978 0717142293 (Gill MacMillan)

In.Gredienti. Le Calandre
This book is available only at Le Calandre or on www.alajmo.it. It was printed in separate italian and english editions. It is a masterpiece, truly innovative, by the youngest 3 Michelin Stars chef in Italy. It succeeds in design, content, photography. The way the recipes are explained is truly innovative. The chefs do share their secrets in details with diagrams, illustrations and beautiful photography. You have to see this book!
Author: Massimiliano e Raffaele Alajmo Photographs by Wolfgang
Publisher: Wesener-Wowe Art Director: Filippo Maglione English Edition Director: Faith Willinger Publishing Manager: Romina Savi ISBN 9788890261305 (Alajmo Edizione)

The Sauce
Praised by many french chefs the author has trained with Alain Chapel.
Author: Masaru Kamikakimoto Restaurant Huisten Bosch Hotel Nagasaki Photos: Youhei Ohyama
Publisher: ISBN: 978 4388 060177 (Shibata)

From Chef to Chef
The author was the chef of the private club in Kuwait owned by the Royal Family. He now is at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. This is an ideal book for any chef or advanced hobby cook.
Author: Karl Mittelberger
Publisher: ISBN: 978 99906372 (Kuwait Bookshop)

Nuestros Grandes Chefs
Astrid Gutsche Alfredo Aramburu Rodrigo Conroy Toshiro Konishi Pedro Miguel Schiaffino Teresa Ocampo Cucho la Rosa Humberto Sato Rafael Piqueras Alan Chang Teresa Izquierdo Marisa Guilfo
Author: One cookbook for each chef
Publisher: ISBN 978 9972217821 (El Comercio)

Going East A Merging of Culinary Cultures. In English
The author is the chef and president at Café Ysabel and the chef instructor and chef at the Center for Asian Culinary Studies (CACS). He has written several books. Here he focuses on East meets East.
Author: Gene R.GonzĂĄlez Illustrations: Arnold Ramos
Publisher: ISBN: 971 2718144 www.anvilpublishing.com (Anvil Publishing)

Uma PaixĂŁo Feita de Sabores Lusitanos
There are two editions in Portuguese and in English. This hotel is part of Leading Hotels of the World. It is the place to stay in Lisbon according to Conde Nast.
Author: Aimé Barroyer com Minnie Freudentha. Valle-Flor Restaurant Hotel Pestana Palace
Publisher: ISBN: 989 8028149 (Prime Books)

Sensations – A Tasting Menu of Chinese Inspired Flavours
Sam Leong is the director of kitchens for the great Tung Lok restaurant group. Although he is still quite young he has joined the Singapore airlines international culinary panel.
Author: Sam Leong Photography: Edmond Ho
Publisher: (Marshall Cavendish – Singapore)

Cubo Desserts
Only 500 printed. It is a masterpiece.
Author: Mate Uz Kmet Zare Kerin Photos: Janez Puksic
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9612388591 (Futura

South Africa
The Edge of Fusion
International cuisine with South African flavors in the international saucepan. The book is warm and delightful just as the Pretoria restaurant.
Author: Chef Shane Sauvage La Pentola Restaurant-Pretoria Designed by Garth Walker of Orange Juice Design
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1770093102 www.lapentola.co.za (Jacana-South Africa)

Spain – Castellano
Reciclaje y Alta Cocina
One more chef publishes his own cookbook and creating a masterpiece. We love that book! There is nothing like it because this chef’s book totally reflects the personnality of the chef the star from Navarra.
Author: Álex MĂșgica Chef of Restaurant Basakab
Publisher: Coordination and Design: José Antonio Cruz Texts: Angel Maria Cobos Martínez Photos: José Luis Carrión Enrique Pimoulie ISBN: 978 8461137466 (Basakabi Ediciones)

Paris: frÄn ChÚvre chaud till couscous merguez / Paris: from ChÚvre chaud to couscous merguez
Danyel Couet from Michelin star restaurant F12 in Stockholm takes you on an inspiring tour to Paris and his grandmother’s cuisine.
Author: Danyel Couets
Publisher: ISBN: 978-91-27-08820-7 www.nok.se www.f12.se (Natur & Kultur)

The leader of molecular cuisine in Switzerland is the chef at restaurant Denis Martin in Vevey. He has two Michelin stars and Three Toques at Gault Millau with 18.
Author: Denis Martin
Publisher: ISBN: 978 828909680 www.editionsfavre.com www.denismartin.tv www.denismartin.ch (Favre)

Hitzberger Benecke. Große KĂŒche Light. Himmlisch-leichte Rezepte aus dem Paradies
One of the highest rated chef in Switzerland now has his cookbook from Hotel Paradies CH-7551 Ftan. Tel: +41 81 861 08 88
Author: Eduard Hitzberger. Boris Benecke Photos: Michael Wissing
Publisher: ISBN: 978 03800 3052 (At Verlag)

Further Adventures in Search of Perfection
The chef received the same year his third Michelin star and the award for Best Children Cookbook in the World in 2004 at the Gourmand Barcelona event.
Author: Heston Blumenthal Photography: Andy Sewell Design: Will Webb Published with the permission of BBC
Publisher: ISBN: 978 0 747594055 www.bloomsbury.com (Bloomsbury)

White House Chef. Eleven years two Presidents one kitchen
The book is interesting for professionals as the chef explains his work at entertaining the presidents families and their guests. It is also highly entertaining and revealing on the current american food culture. A great book
Author: Walter Scheib and Andrew Friedman
Publisher: ISBN: 978-0-471-79842-2 www.wiley.com Editor at John Wiley: Linda Ingroita (Wiley)

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