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Gateaux Mesk El-Lil
In french and arabic.
Author: Beggah Lila
Publisher: (Edition Dar El Hana)

PastelerĂ­a Base
The author is chef patissier of IAG, the Argentina Institute of Gastronomy.
Author: Osvaldo Gross, Photos: Ariel Martin Gutraich
Publisher: ISBN: 978 987 5880320, www.utilisima.com (Utilisima)

Mix and Bake
Belinda Jeffery has already published two other cookbook bestsellers.She says baking can be such a serene and peaceful thing to do.Both the preparation and results can help restore the body and soul like nothing else.
Author: Belinda Jeffery, Photography by Rodney Weidland
Publisher: ISBN: 978-1-92098-953-8 (Penguin-Lantern-Australia

Lehrbuch der Backerei
Trauner is one of the five best specialized publishers for culinary professionals in Europe.
Author: Manfred Stefan
Publisher: ISBN:9783854991847, www.trauner.at (Trauner)

Belgium – French
Glaces-Delices et Fraicheurs
Absolutely everything about ice creams
Author: Christophe Declercq, Photos: Kris Vlegels
Publisher: ISBN 9789020969702 (Lannoo)

Café Daniél Bríand – Candies Secrets
With the best café in Brasilia, pastry chef Daniel Briand, from Anjou, France,and his brasilian wife Luiza Venturella show the recipes for his famous chocolate bomb, and other candies.
Author: André Ramos, Marta Moraes, Photos: Martin Garcia
Publisher: ISBN: 9788596694290 (Senac Brasilia)

Canada – English
Indulge: 100 Perfect Desserts
Claire Clark is the head pastry chef at the French Laundry. She is regarded as one of the three best pastry chefs in the world. The book was designed and produced by Absolute Press in the UK.
Author: Claire Clark. Foreword: Thomas Keller
Publisher: ISBN: 78-1552859094 (Whitecap – Canada)

Zhong Guio Mian Dian. Desserts of China. Flour Pastries
A complete flour pastries course for professionals and serious amateurs. This private publisher focuses on cookbooks, with a backlist of 200 titles.
Author: Zhang Rein Qing, Food Cultural Books of China
Publisher: ISBN 978-7-5439-3122-0, www.ccswh.com (Shanghai Science and Technology)

El Libro de Myriam Camhi
The author and her daughter Denise have worked for 25 years in Bogotá on 700 pastry recipes.
Author: Myriam Camhi, Photos: Claudia Uribe Touri
Publisher: ISBN: 978 958 8177593 (Ediciones Gamma)

Great desserts from northern Europe.
Author: Mari Ohrn, Translated by Papp Kadri
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9949142705 (Sinisukk)

PS – Perfect Sweets. PS – Parasta Sokerista
The star chef offers tasty light, playful and innovative desserts.
Author: Hans Välimäki, Vesa Parviainen, Mikko Takala, Photos: Sami Repo
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9511 198079 (Otava)

Mon cours de cuisine. La Pâtisserie. 70 Recettes Illustrées pas à pas
New design, for a new collection, for everyone, at a low price for high quality.This book is different, you have to see it.
Author: Marianne Magnier-Moreno, Photos: Frederic Lucano
Publisher: ISBN: 978 2501051958 (Marabout)

Meine Patisserie. Die SĂĽĂźen Geheimnisse. Der Traube Tonbach
French patisserie by the Alsatian star pastry chef, at Hotel Traube Tonbach in Baiersbronn.
Author: Pierre Lingelser
Publisher: ISBN: 978 3 865282910 (Umschau)

100 Best Desserts Recipes
Great Greek Desserts.
Author: Giannis Gelnutis, Photos: Konstantine Kafiris
Publisher: ISBN: 978 96404427444 (Ellinika Grammata)

Bakad Ăşr Spelti
Creativity in Iceland.
Author: Frída Sophía Bödvarsdóttir
Publisher: ISBN 9979760958 (PP forlag)

Cioccolato. Idee per preparare torte, dolci al cucchiaio e mignon
The secrets of the best desserts with chocolate are well explained with step by step photography.
Author: Food Editore
Publisher: ISBN 9788876829228 (Idea Libri-Rusconi)

New Dessert Book
Desserts books are very much in demand in Japan. Readers have much knowledge.
Publisher: ISBN 978 4388060214 (Shibata)

World Desserts at Your Home
New updated edition of Halwayat.
Author: Sadouf Kamal – Sima Yassine
Publisher: ISBN 978 9953634882 (Dar-El-Ilm Lilmalayin-Lebanon)

Sunne Kaker
Beautiful cover,great content.
Author: Margaretha Gøransson Hamrin
Publisher: ISBN: 978 0204 138699, www.damm.no (Damm)

The author is from Ukraine.
Author: Iryna Stepanova
Publisher: ISBN: 5699 19608-0 (Eksmo)

Bite: Tarts to Satisfy Every Craving
The Malaysian chef is the executive chef at the Academy Bistro.
Author: Jimmy Chok
Publisher: ISBN: 978 981 261 2243 (Marshall Cavendish)

Cubo Desserts. Mate Uz Kmet
Only 500 printed. It is a masterpiece.
Author: Zare Kerin, Photos: Janez Puksic
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9612388591 (Futura)

South Africa
From my Oven
Hundreds of beautiful photographs and step by step instructions, with superb food styling.
Author: Fay Lewis, Photography : Neil Corder
Publisher: ISBN 978 1 7707 5641 (Struik)

Spain – Catalan
Els Mestres del Dolç
14 Pastry experts from Spain
Author: Francesc Casas
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8496521391, www.angleeditorial.com (Angle Editorial)

Spain – Gallego
Historia da Dozaria Tradicional Galega
History of the desserts in Galicia, in a beautiful complete book.
Author: Presentación: Alfredo Suárez Canal. Conselleiro do Medio Rural
Publisher: ISBN: 84 45342649 (Xunta de Galicia)

Klassiska desserter pĂĄ mitt vis / Classic desserts my way
The member of the Swedish Culinary Team and the creator of several Nobel Prize dinner desserts, Magnus Johansson has published a personal and instructive book with all classic Swedish desserts.
Author: Magnus Johansson
Publisher: ISBN: 978-91-534-2687-5, www.formapg.se/bok (ICA bokförlag)

Good Old-Fashioned Puddings
The jacket of the book says food is at the heart of everything the National Trust does. The food historian author reveals the fascinating history of each recipe.
Author: Sara Paston-Williams
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1 905400508, www.nationaltrust.org.uk (National Trust)

The Sweet Spot: Asian Inspired Desserts
While this book is in English and published in America, the recipes are inspired by cuisines from around the globe and will appeal to all dessert lovers.The restaurant is nominated for a Time Out New York 2008 Eat Out Award.
Author: Pichet Ong, Genevieve Ko, Photographer: Pete Eng
Publisher: ISBN: 978-0060857677 (Morrow Cookbooks)

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