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La Vuelta al Mundo en Mil Ensaladas
One thousand salads from around the world. The author is a doctor in internal medicine and takes care of young adults in the private hospital of Mar del Plata. She is a true culinary investigator.
Author: Leticia Rimola
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9507865411 (Editorial Biblos)

Italian Country Cooking: The Secrets of Cucina Povera
Humble food in a great book!
Author: Loukie Werle, Photos: Alan Benson
Publisher: ISBN: 9781876624699 (ACP Publishing Pty, Ltd)

Español para la Gastronomía, la Hostelería y el Turismo
Spanish for the tourism industry in german.
Author: Fr. Mag. Dr.Elisabeth Weitz-Polydoros
Publisher: ISBN: 978 3854991083, www.trauner.at (Trauner)

Belgium – French
Bon Appétit L’Europe
Recipes from 27 countries., Also published in Dutch.
Author: Marie Claire Quittelier, Photos: Tom Swalens
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9085864134 (Food BAI Food)

Os Sabores du Alentejo: HistĂłria, Vinhos e Receitas
The southern region of Portugal has a culinary treasures.d The book includes restaurants museums, historical sites.
Author: Aguinaldo Záckia Albert, Illustrations: Fabiana Fernandes
Publisher: ISBN: 8573595043 (Senac-Sao Paulo)

Canada – English
Balls! Round the world meat balls fare for all occasions
The author and her husband artist Peter Matthews have spent much time in Languedoc, France.
Author: Angela Murrills
Publisher: ISBN: 1552858677 (Whitecap)

Knives, Forks and Chopsticks:Cultural Comparison of Chinese and Western Diet – Kuaizi Yu Daocha
Du Li has published other recent books on Chinese Food Culture (Tourism Education Press, Oct 2005) and Western Food Culture (CHLIP, May 2006).
Author: Duli, Sun Junxxiu, High Haiwei
Publisher: ISBN: 978-7 536461970 (Sichuan Science and Technology Publishing)

Latinoamérica Smag Behag, Latinoamérica Sabores Saberes
Bilingual in Danish and Spanish.
Author: Ana Piazzetta, Photos: Leonardo Liberman
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8792064011 (Skjoerdt)

Viisaan Syömisen Lähteillä
The Crete healthy recipes from Greece.
Author: Merja Tuominen-Gialitaki
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9513125417 (Tammi)

La Cuisine Arménienne
The foreword is written by the Egyptian author of the Yacoubian Building. He says this book is more than a recipe book, it brings us closer to the Armenian soul. It is also a cultural and historical study, with a touching photography, by the press relations manager of Actes Sud publisher.
Author: Nathalie Maryam Baravian, Illustrations de Remy Sirope, Martiros Sarian, Préface: Alaa El-Aswany
Publisher: ISBN: 978-2-7427-6672-7 (Actes Sud)

Brasillianisch Feiern. Festa Brasileira
Brasilians are world famous for their partying.
Author: Monika Graff, Dr.Michael Koeminski, Photos: Chris Meier, BFF
Publisher: ISBN: 978 377 5004411, (Walter Hädecke Verlag)

La Cucina Ebraica Tripolina
The author left Libya in 1967 and lives in Rome. She has 4 grandchildren to whom she dedicated the book. This is a rare and unusal book on the recipes of Lybia jews, beautifully illustrated.
Author: Linda Guetta Hassan, Fotografie di Wichy Hassan, Prefazione: Homos Guetta
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8888 716 824, www.galluccieditore.com (Gallucci)

Enjoying American Beef

Publisher: ISBN: 978 4822222604, www.nikkeibp.com, Japan Shiroyama Group (Nikei BP Books)

Ramesa Receptes. Ramesh Recipes
Asian recipes.
Author: Sresta Ramesh Shrestha
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9984 331881 (Petergailis)

Indonesisch Koken. Het Basiskoookboek
Great basic cookbook of Indonesian cookery, with 350 step by step photos.The author is a television celebrity chef.
Author: Lonny Gerungan
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9059562035 (Fontaine)

Smak av Krydder
Thailand, Zanzibar, India, South Africa, Oman, Iran, Malaysia, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, La Reunion, Pakistan, Mozambique.
Author: Andreas Viestad. Photos: Mette Randem
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8252566635 (Cappelen)

Travel with Taste – Podróze ze Smakiem
Travelling while reading. A beautiful book.
Author: Anna Kwiatkowska. Tomasz Rudomino
Publisher: ISBN: 837 163 541 9 (Twoj Styl)

Facam o Favor de Ser Felizes
This book is inspired by Africa, by the Sao Tome and Principe Islands, with a corresponding program on Rtp Africa.
Author: Joao Carlos Silva, Photos: Adriana Freire
Publisher: (Oficina do Livro)

Practical Encyclopedia of World Cookery
With offices in Moscow and Chelyabinsk, Arkaim is the specialized cookbook publisher.
Author: Svetlana Pershina, Irina Roitenberg, Styled by Elena Bryukhina, Art Design by Valentina Chemyakina
Publisher: ISBN: 978 582916537 (Arkaim)

The Thai Table – A Celebration of Culinary Treasures
Terry Tan is an award winning experienced writer.
Author: Terry Tan
Publisher: ISBN: 978 981 2614421 (Marshall Cavendish)

Around the world in 80 restaurants
Private edition, very personal choices and experieces, by the two stars of Slovenia culinary publishing.
Author: Selected by Janez Bogataj and Rok Kvaternik
Publisher: (Rokus)

Spain – Castellano
Los Secretos de la Cocina del Vaticano. La Cocina Mediterránea más Internacional y Exquisita del Mundo.
Eva Celada has won Gourmand Awards in 2002, 2004 and 2005. Her new book on Vatican cooking is very complete and interesting.
Author: Eva Celada, Photos: Alberto Campuzano
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8408 069799 (Editorial Planeta)

Ditt nya skafferi. Your new larder
After tremendous success with the Food Caravan, taking people to ethnic food stores, food columnist Lisa Förare Winblad now presents products from all over the world with great recipes.
Author: Lisa Förare Winbladh
Publisher: ISBN: 978-91-7351-109-4, www.damm.se, www.matkaravan.nu (Damm Förlag AB)

Food and Travel Laos
Luang Pradang lao food. In english and thai.
Author: Suthipong Suriya, Vandara Amphayphone
Publisher: ISBN: 974 9304497 (Baan Phra-Arthit Publications)

Street Food: Recreating the World’s Most Authentic Tastes
Tom Kime is a celebrity chef with much knowledge of Eastern food. He has published several cookbooks.
Author: Tom Kime
Publisher: ISBN: 978-1405315807, www.tomkimechef.com (Dorling Kindersley)

The Taste of Nepal
The author was born and trained in Nepal. She now lives in New York.
Author: Jyoti Pathak
Publisher: ISBN: 978 07181121 (Hippocrene)

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