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Cocina para Bebés con Barney
Recipes mothers and children an do together ,fom the television program.
Author: Flaviana Carosella. Lucrecia Cutler. Luz Machinandiarena, Photos: Ariel Martin Gutraich
Publisher: ISBN: 978 987 5880306 (UtilĂ­sima)

Das Kind geht aus dem Haus Kochbuch. Ăśberleben ohne Mama
The children leave the house book.
Author: Renate Wagner Wittula. Kurt Michael Westermann, Photos: Kurt Michael Westermann
Publisher: ISBN: 978 3854314325 (Pichler Verlag)

Canada – French
Dinde Recherche Farce Desesperement!. Collection Clafoutine
6 Volumes for kids 4 to 8, include a song to learn and easy recipes.
Author: Nadia Bazinet. Nancy Belanger. Catherine Sevigny
Publisher: ISBN: 978 2923194585 La Presse)

Ertong Ying Yang Baotian Quanshu
Nowy Swiat is one of the 5 biggest cookbook publishers in Poland. Barbara and her husband Piotr write dozens of cookbooks. In this one, consumers from Poland discover in their supermakets new foreign ingredients to include in their cooking. She explains their taste and how to use them into Polish cuisine.
Author: Yang Sheng Tang editorial board
Publisher: ISBN: 7-5366-8385-5, www.rzbook.com. (Chongquing Press)

ZA Bebe i Djecu. For babies and Toddlers
The author is the director of Makroova, and of the school of natural cooking.
Author: Jadranka Boban Bejie
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9532570595 (Planetopija)

VarĂ­me Detem. Chutne A Zadrave

Author: Peter Horan. Pavla Momcilová
Publisher: ISBN: 8085936089 (Medica Publishing)

Heibergs. Bornedessertcirkus. Dessertcircus for Kids
Published in November 2006 in time for Christmas, this book follows four best sellers. The author was in charge of all desserts at the Royal Wedding in May 2004. He is a regular on Danish national TV.
Author: Morten Heiberg
Publisher: ISBN: 978 875 6775 328 (Politikens Forlag)

Lasten Kanssa Keittiössä
Beautiful practical book for children food.
Author: Sari Tamikari. Minna Nevalainen, Photos: Sari Tammikari
Publisher: ISBN: 978 951 03198 71, www.wsoy.fi (WSOY)

Au Jardin Potager
A guide for children and the family for the food from the “potager”, the vegetable and fruits garden, from the Kings Orchard in Versailles Castle.
Author: Danièle Schulthess et Frédéric Lisak avec l’aide du Potager du Roi à Versailles
Publisher: ISBN: 978-2-915810-12-5 (Plume de Carotte)

Das Grosse Gu Kochbuch FĂĽr. FĂĽr Babys und Kleinkinder
The big babies and toddlers cookbook, by an author who has sold over 3 million cookbooks since 1995.
Author: Dagmar von Cramm, Photos: Jörn Rynio
Publisher: ISBN: 9783833806490 (GU)

La Mia Cucina. Ricette fra Mamma e Bambino
Recipes for mother and child.
Author: Donatella Lippi. Guglielmo Mazzolini
Publisher: ISBN 88476 2051 1 (Bonechi)

La Recién Casada en la Cocina y en la Mesa
This is a book for newlywed bride.
Author: Laura B. de Caraza Campos
Publisher: ISBN: 970 24 09810 (Editorial Patria)

Ernst Robbie en de rest kookboek
The author has published more than eight cookbooks.
Author: Joyce Huisman
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9066117150 www.ernstbobbie.com (Inmerc)

New Zealand
Active Kids Cookbook: Healthy Recipes for Active Young Cooks
Nutrition plans across a range of sports.
Author: Jeni Pearce
Publisher: ISBN:9781869780036, www.healthydiet.co.nz, www.reed.co.nz (Reed Publishing NZ)

Mat for Barn
Well balanced, healthy food for families with children under 12. Margit Vea is with the Norwegian Church in Sydney, Australia.
Author: Margit Vea. Lise Galaasen, Photos: Fritz Knott, Oystein Westlie
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8202 247812, www.cappelen.no (Cappelen)

Crescer para Cima: Como Prevenir o Tratar a Obesidade da Criansa
This book was written to help families and children to relate better to food to prevent and core obesity.
Author: Maria Antonia Pecas. Carla Rego. Illustrations: Catarina Cardoso
Publisher: ISBN: 978 972 8494612 (Obras en Curso/101 Noites)

Puerto Rico
Petit Chef. Recetas Divertidas, Nutritivas y Educativas
A unique cookbook, fun, and excellent recipes, with mouth watering stories. One author is the most succesful radio presenter in the country and the other is a best-selling author. The unusual title shows how different the book is. Jeremy is Nelson Mandela’s Honorary Grandson.
Author: Bernice Guzman de Padial, FotĂłgrafo: Mariela Alvarez, Artista: Rita Campos
Publisher: ISBN 0979065100, www.petit-chef.com (Culinary Entertainment-Puerto Rico)

Sedobnyj Goroskop
Creative appetizers for children.
Author: Stepanova I.V.
Publisher: ISBN: 978 5699218226, www.eksmo.ru (Eksmo)

South Africa
Easy Meals for Babies and Toddlers
The revised edition of the 1988 classic meals for toddlers, which was already updated in 1998 as meals for babies and toddlers.
Author: Deirdre Randall
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1770073906, www.deirdrerandall.com (Struik)

Spain – Castellano
Aprende a Cocinar en Familia. 50 Recetas de Pescado
Fish recipes for children from the mediterranean diet.
Publisher: (Argis Congress – Fundación Dieta Mediterráneo)

Spain – Catalan
La Filomena els Fogons Remena. Cuina Natural per a pares I fills
Let the food be your medicine. Based on ovolactovegetarian recipes, this children cookbook offers natural cooking for parents and children. It has amusing illustrations to colour by children.
Author: Josefina Llargués, Illustrations: Amadeu Casas
Publisher: www.cossetania.com, ISBN: 84 9791 2648 (El Globus-CossetĂ nia)

Smak Start!: om småbarn, föräldrar och mat. Start tasting! / About small children, parents and food
This is modern home cooking for parents with very young children in a fun and informative way.
Author: Lena Jordebo m.fl.
Publisher: ISBN: 91-501-0683-x, www.alfabeta.se (Alfabeta bokförlag)

Children’s Healthy and Fun Cookbook
Experienced author of 18 titles, she already won 2 Gourmand Awards, in 2002 and 2004.
Author: Nicola Graimes
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1405319096, www.dk.com (DK Publishing)

The Art of Ratatouille
This books explains how the film communicates so well the art of cookery to children and their family.
Author: Karen Paik, Foreword: John Lasseter, Introduction: Brad Bird
Publisher: ISBN: 978 811858342, www.pixar.com, www.chronicle.com (Chronicle Books)

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