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The Bathers’ Pavilion Menus and Recipes
Over 180 recipes, with great photography. His restaurant is worldclass, in Sydney, on Balmoral beach.
Author: Serge Dansereau, Photographer: William Meppem
Publisher: ISBN: 978 0733318184 (ABC Books-Australia)

Friaul Kochbuch
Friuli cookbook, 150 recipes from the Alps to the Adriatic.
Author: Christoph Wagner
Publisher: ISBN: 978 3853786192 (Carinthia Verlag)

Belgium – French
Patisserie SĂ©duisante. 12 Chefs Patissiers de Eurobanketring de Flandres
Belgium Flemish pastry chefs.
Author: Auteur: Erik Verdonck, Photos: Bart van Leuven
Publisher: ISBN: 978 90 209 67 364, www.lannoo.com (Lannoo)

Novas Receitas Light

Author: Myriam Abicair, Do Ste Voltas SPA Resort, Fotografias de Tuca Reines, André Boccato
Publisher: ISBN: 85 7555 117 5 (Editora Gaia-Editora Boccato)

Canada – French
Pasta et Cetera A La Di Stasio
The author offers the best souvenirs of Italy filming for her shows, with simple and fun recipes.
Author: Josée di Stasio, Photos: Jean Longpre
Publisher: ISBN: 978 2 890773301 (Flammarion Quebec)

How to use dry products
This is a good example of how step by step photography becomes very often a major ingredient of cookbooks in China.
Author: Changyong Ganliao Fazhijifa, Photo: Feiz Hao
Publisher: ISBN: 978 7 5381 48800, www.lnkj.cn (Liaoning Science and Technology Press)

El Libro de Myriam Camhi
The author and her daughter Denise have worked for 25 years in Bogotá on 700 pastry recipes.
Author: Myriam Camhi, Photos: Claudia Uribe
Publisher: ISBN: 978 958 8177593 (Ediciones Gamma)

Danmarks Bedste Restauranter 08
The 5 best restaurants in Denmark according to Gudme Raaschou Spiseguide 2008.
Author: Bent Christensen, Photos: Claes Bech-Poulsen
Publisher: ISBN: 978 879914139, www.bentchristensen.com (Books for Cooks-DK)

Wagabat Jarea, Quick Recipes
This book is one of the few books in the Arabic languages for which original pictures were taken. Photos by the best interior and black and white photographer in Egypt ,trained as an architect.
Author: Ms.Aliaa Al Sawi – Wasfa Sahla, Photos: Mr.Sherif Tamim, Editor: Seif Salmawy
Publisher: www.wasfasahla.com, ISBN: 977 092007 X (Dar El Shorouk-Egypt)

Anna-Liisa Kokaraamat 2

Author: Annalisa ja Lia Virkus, Photos: Jaan Heinmaa
Publisher: ISBN: 978 998 5 980507 (Ajakirjade)

Falkland – Malvinas
Taste of the Falklands
Julie continually explores the Falklands. She has opened a galerie and photostudio in Stanley. The book is a joint venture with Stanley Restaurant, the Falkland Brasserie.
Author: Julie Bellhouse, Chef Alex Olmedo, Foreword: Baroness Thatcher
Publisher: www.52degrees.biz, www.atasteofthe falklands.com, ISBN: 0955553806 (Studio 52)

Skandimania. Scandinavia Antti and Visa wild to the north
For ten years Visa Nurmi and Antti Vahtera have written cookbooks. Now they have written a book about Scandinavian food. The trip goes from Livonsaari to islands Alyreyh and to Björneborg. Great photos by Seilo Ristimäki.
Author: Visa Nurmi. Antti Vahtera
Publisher: ISBN: 978-951-0-32722-7 (WSOY)

Cinq Produits – Cinq Continents. Atelier de photographie culinaire du Lycée Hotellier Guillaume-Tirel, Paris.
This book is the result of introducing photography in the class room hospitality shcools. This Lycée is very rapidly becoming recognized as a leader.
Author: Photographe: Isabelle Rozenbaum, Production Culinaire: Herve Lhermet, Expression et Culture Générale: Colette Hinzelin, Marketing: Colette Bourguignon-Geneste
Publisher: ISBN: 978 2352 550235, www.rozenbaum.com (Editions de l’Epure)

Kochen Mit Liebe!
The star chef from Frissange, Luxembourg has a new oustanding book. It radiates energy, happiness and love, with shining quality and value.
Author: Lea Linster. Susanne Mersman, Burgunde Uhlig, Photos: Thomas Neckermann, Art Direction: Christiane Kapaun, Food Styling: Uschi Hussmann-Dilger
Publisher: ISBN: 978 3453285101, www.lealinster.lu, www.diana-verlag.de (Brigitte Buch Im Diana Verlag)

Mediterranean and Eponymous
A beautiful coffee table reference book with the best of modern Greek chefs. Traditional Cookery from the author’s native island.
Author: Giorgos Panagiotidis, Panagiotis Beltzinitis
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9604429790 (Ellinika Grammata)

Hong Kong
Naturally Peninsula, Tea Flavours
A Perfect Book from Peninsula Hotels .Edmond Ho won the Best in the World Gourmand Award for photography in Beijing in April 2007.
Author: Project Coordinator: Lisa Lum, Peninsula Merchandising Ltd, Photos: Edmond Ho
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9812615145, www.peninsula.com (MCIA)

Alta Cucina in Alto Adige
Two editions, in Italian and in German. High cuisine.
Author: Ingeborg Lanthaler, Johann Waldner
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8882664350, www.premio-godio.it (Ideal – Athesia)

The Basic Technique of Chinese Cuisine
The design and photos make the excellent teaching text easy to understand.
Author: Katsumi Yoshioka, Professor of Chinese Cooking, Tsuji Cooking School, Photos: Gozen Koshida
Publisher: (Shibata)

Favorite restaurant recipes for home cooks

Author: Allisa Park, Photos Yoon Yeom
Publisher: ISBN9788995735275 (Giraffe)

Soufra Daymeh
Professional photography and graphic design.
Author: Maria Khalife, Photo: Haig Tatarian
Publisher: www.haigtatarian (Soufra Daymeh Magazine)

Mexico Handcrafted Art Central Region. Mexico Hecho a Mano, Centro
Beautiful photography book, including the best of Mexico in textiles, architecture, food, etc.
Author: Photos Carlos Hahn
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8441323391, www.editores.com (AM Editores)

Het Fijne van Vlees. En Recepten van Nederlands Beste Chefs
24 chefs give their best meat recipes.
Author: Jan Lagrouw, Kees Hageman, Hans Brouwer, Loek de Leeuw
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9066117358 (Inmerc)

New Zealand
It’s My Turn to Cook
In this book photographer Paul McCredie is the co-author.
Author: Margaret Brooker. Paul McCredie
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1869661694 (New Holland NZ)

Plukk Ville Matvekster
The author is a freelance journalist and photographer, who did both photos and text for this book.
Author: Beate Slipher
Publisher: ISBN 978 8276834253, www.slipher.org (Boksenteret)

Las Cocinas del Peru
Collection of 10 Volumes: 1.- La Cocina Criolla; 2.- La Cocina de las Cebicherias; 3.- La Cocina de los Chifas; 4.- La Cocina Nikkei; 5.- La Cocina Casera; 6.- La Cocina de la Calle; 7.- La Cocina Norteña; 8.- La Cocina del Sur; 9.- La Cocina Novoandina; 10.- Las Cocinas del Futuro
Author: Gastón Acurio, Edición Hirka Roca Rey, Diseño: Ana Lozada, Fotógrafo: José Cáceres
Publisher: ISBN: 9972217493 (El Comercio)

The Best Cooking under the Sun. Kuchnia Najlepsza pod Sloncem
The author is a specialist of Italian culture and writings . She is the owner of several restaurants, including the famous Copernicus, in Krakow.
Author: Katarzyna Likus, Design: Barbara Deren-Marzec, Photos: Jakusa Pajewskiego
Publisher: ISBN: 83-74770872 (Edipresse)

Facam o Favor de Ser Felizes
This book is inspired by Africa, by the Sao Tome and Principe Islands, with a corresponding program on Rtp Africa.
Author: Joao Carlos Silva, Photos: Adriana Freire
Publisher: (Oficina do Livro)

Ljubavni Zalogaji

Publisher: ISBN: 868 3611751 (Computer Books)

Food Art
Annabel Jackson is based in Hong Kong, and the author of at least nine books, including Taste of Macao.
Author: Annabel Jackson, Chef Bobby and Chef Donovan Cooke, HK Jockey Club, Photos: Jörg Sundermann
Publisher: ISBN: 981 4155969 (Didier Millet Editions)

Cubo Desserts
Only 500 printed. It is a masterpiece.
Author: Matev Kmet, Zare Kerin, Photos: Janez Puksic
Publisher: (Futura)

South Africa
Day to Day
Philippa Cheifitz is an experienced food writer who won an award in the Gourmand Best in the World event in Beijing in April 2007. Her recipes are blissfully easy to follow and the results absolutely delicious to eat. The photography of Craig Fraser is superb.
Author: Philippa Cheifitz, Photos: Craig Fraser
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1770072077 (Struik)

Spain – Castellano
Flores y Sabores de AndalucĂ­a
50 recipes by 29 prestigious chefs.
Author: Director del proyecto y fotĂłgrafo: Eduardo Grund, PrĂłlogo: Pedro Javier Diaz Cano, Fotos: Eduardo Grund, CoordinaciĂłn: Thekla Kurpjuweit
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8461152247 www.floresysabores.es (Flores y Sabores)

Med mycket grönt. A lot of green
Being a television star Markus Aujalay puts great effort in the visual part of cooking and presenting food, with excellent photos by Matilda Lindeblad.
Author: Markus Aujalay, Photographer: Matilda Lindeblad
Publisher: ISBN: 978-91-27-35727-3, www.nok.se, www.matildalindeblad.com (Natur & Kultur)

Dervis Sofralari. Dervish’s Table – The Culinary Culture and Customs in Sufizim
According to Sufism, every phase of the meal is not just an action but a life doctrin. The book explains in 115 recipes and unique photography everything about Sufi cuisine.
Author: Sahrap Soysal, Photos: Koray Peközkay
Publisher: ISBN 9789759915414 (Dogan Egmont)

My Last Supper – The 50 World’s Greatest Chefs and their final Feasts
The author of this book is one of the best magazine photographers in the world.
Author: Melanie Dunea, Introduction by Anthony Bourdain
Publisher: ISBN: 0747594112 (Bloomsbury)

A Taste of Arabia
Recipes from Arabia and beyond. The author has 25 years experience in the Middle East as a writer and stylist.
Author: Jessie Kirkness Parker, Food Photography: Trevor Vaughan
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9948 431138, www.jerboabooks.com (Jerboa Books)

The New Intercourses= an aphrodisiac cookbook
New edition of the 1997 classic. Martha Lockridge has worked on more than 27 cookbooks, mostly at the Wimmer companies in Memphis, TN.
Author: Martha Hopkins, Randall Lockridge
Publisher: ISBN: 978 0965327527 (Terrace Publishing)

Tocar Fuego, 45 Recetas de Puño y Letra
Fifteen of the best chefs in Venezuela got together for these forty five recipes “written by hand”. The great recipes, design and photography are a tribute to the new excellence of Venezuela cookery.
Author: Rafael Gullén, Francisco Abenante, Design: Ricardo Limongi, Foreword: Profesor José Rafael Lovera
Publisher: ISBN: 980 12 21682 (Rafael Guillen Photo-Venezuela)

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