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Cool Caribbean Cookery Book
The paradise painter Gobinet, the renowed watercolor artist is also a great cook particpating often in food festivals.
Author: Text and Illustrations: Gilly Gobinet
Publisher: www.originalcaribbeanart.com (Caribbean Art)

Seasonal Fare For Family and Friends
Farm related recipes from 50 years of serious happy cooking, inspired by Australia mostly, but also by Italy, Switzerland,, the UK and the United States. The author is passionate about food, Wakefield Press is a passionate independent publisher: they give us a marvellous book.
Author: Susan Johnston, Illustrations by Catherine Pilgrim
Publisher: ISBN: 1-862546932 (Wakefield Press-Australia)

Graos e Sementes: A Vida Encapsulada
Monography on one of the basic foods of mankind by a prestigious botanist.
Author: Gil Felipe, Illustrations: Fabiana Fernandes, Maria Cecilia Tomasi
Publisher: ISBN: 978 857359 5406 (Senac-Sao Paulo)

Histoire de Chef
Beautiful illustrations enhance the story of a chef in the kitchen.
Author: Sabatina
Publisher: ISBN: 7-5000-75642-2, www.ecph.com.cn (Encyclopedia of China Publishing House)

The Engineers Cookbook
In English. An exhilarating insight into the inner life of the engineer.
Author: Kari Ojala, Illustrations: Helena von Alfthan
Publisher: ISBN: 978 952 9959310 (Etukeno)

Hot Dog – Ou Comment Cuisiner. Les Animaux de tout Poele – Roman Cuisine
Food novel, with 12 short stories and 25 recipes. It is most creative, and beautiful.
Author: Elise Milicevic, Illustrations: Daniel Egneus, Chef: Jerome Lefevre
Publisher: ISBN: 978 2952589314, www.1973.fr (1973-Concept Book Factory)

Huhn in Handschellen
Chicken in handcuffs. The recipes were written in jail in Hamburg,with humor. Part of the proceeds go to the fund to commpensate crime victims. Published with the Justice Authority of the City of Hamburg. See in 7-Innovative the Pulutan jail book from the Philippines.
Author: Kreative Zellen Santafu, Illustrations: Sven Brauer, Text: Holger GĂĽssefeld, Graphic Art: Josef Schewe
Publisher: ISBN: 978 3 861088998, www.santa-fu.de (Temmen)

Galateo a Test, Giochi e CuriositĂ  per Divertirsi E mettersi alla Prova
Learning etiquette can be fun, with entertaining comic illustrations by an excellent artist.
Author: Fabio Cesare, Roberta Mascheroni, Illustrations: Giovanni Vannini
Publisher: ISBN: 978-88-483-0846-5 (Alpha Test)

Mibu – El Bulli
The manga of the historic visit of Master Chef Hiroshi Ishida from restaurant Mibu in Tokyo to El Bulli, Spain in March 2003.
Author: Hiroshi Ishida, Naomi Takaka, Illustrations: Dai Ochi
Publisher: (K.K.Fantasy Co.)

Favorite Restaurant Recipes for Home Cooking
Published in the United States by Dream Character. In Korean by Giraffe.
Author: Allisa Park, Illustrations and photos: Yoon Yeom
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8995735282 (Giraffe Publishing)

Koken met karin, Kleine Moeite, Groot Effect
The success of the recipes comes from the big effect they give.
Author: Karin Luiten
Publisher: ISBN: 978 902 3011972, www.kokenmetkarin.nl, www.koken.blogo.nl (Becht’s Uitgevers-Maatschappij, HJW)

New Zealand
Papa’s Donut
Nika is a little kiwi girl with a Cook Island dad who makes the best donut in the world.
Author: Kate Moetaua, Illustrated by Bruce Potter
Publisher: ISBN 97818698484361 (Reed Publishing)

In the Artist’s Kitchen, In English, German and Portuguese
The Centro Cultural was founded in 1981 by Marie Hubert and her husband Volker who died 3 years ago. The gallery promotes contemporary art. The cookbook is a special project where the artists had a lo of pleasure realizing the book.
Author: By 38 artists from 13 nationalities
Publisher: ISBN: 978-9899532809, www.centroculturalsaolourenco.com (Centro Cultural Sao Lourenço)

Puerto Rico
Petit Chef. Recetas Divertidas, Nutritivas y Educativas
This is an outstanding book, bursting with energy, creativity, enthusiasm and happiness. It is also very serious, taking into account health, costs, work, learning, all mixed with fun for children. It is unusual to see a book for children with all aspects of eating in such a balanced and accomplished way.
Author: Bernice Guzman de Padial, FotĂłgrafo: Mariela Alvarez, Artista: Rita Campos
Publisher: ISBN 0979065100, www.petit-chef.com (Culinary Entertainment-Puerto Rico)

South Africa
The Cape Malay Illustrated Cookbook
The author combines traditional knowledge with modern practicality and convenience. The beautiful illustrations highlight both the beauty of Malay food and the culture itself.
Author: Faldela Williams, Illustrations: Liz Mills
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1770074057 (Struik)

Spain – Castellano
Este compró un Huevito, Recetas para Niños
The artist lives in New York. The talented and experienced author has won several past Gourmand Awards.
Author: Angelita Alfaro, Illustrations: Mikel Urmeneta
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8403506572 (El PaĂ­s Aguilar)

Spain – Catalan
La Filomena els Fogons Remena. Cuina Natural per a pares I fills

Author: Josefina Llargues, Illustrations: Amadeu Casas
Publisher: www.cossetania.com, ISBN: 84 9791 2648 (El Globus-Cossetania)

Mauds bästa tårtor och pajer. The best cakes of Maud
The illustrations that physically lift these lovely cakes to higher experiences are all expressive and outstanding plates made of ceramics by artist Monica Johansson.
Author: Maud Onnermark
Publisher: ISBN: 978-91-518-4756-6, www.prismabok.se (Prisma)

Switzerland – French
A vos Fourneaux!. Les Meilleures recettes des copains d’Adrienne
These recipes were published in comic format in the daily independent newspaper “Le Courrier” in Switzerland.
Author: Adrienne Barman
Publisher: ISBN: 2-88258-2-74-5, www.lajoiedelire.ch (La Joie de Lire-Switzerland)

Switzerland – German
Himmlische KĂĽchengelĂĽste
Beautifully designed and illustrated simpatico book.
Author: Daniel Girsberger, Illustrations: Michaela Maria Drux
Publisher: www.eltipico.ch (El Tipico)

1080 Recipes
The Spanish home cooking classic has been redesigned by Phaidon. It is a beautiful masterpiece of creativity. It becomes a very young, happy book, and most useful in all kitchen.
Author: Simone and Inés Ortega, Illustrations: Javier Mariscal, Foreword: Ferran Adria
Publisher: ISBN: 978 07148 44671, www.phaidon.com (Phaidon)

The Ethnic Paris Cookbook. Bringing the French melting Put into your Kitchen
Praised by Claudia Roden and Jacques Pepin, this book really shows the hotest new trends in Paris.
Author: Charlotte Puckette and Olivia Kiang-Snaije, Illustrated by Dinah Diwan
Publisher: ISBN: 978-0-7566-2645-7 (Dorling Kindersley)

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