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Cool Caribbean Cookery Book
Paradise painter Gobinet is a famous watercolor artist, and also a great cook participating often in food festivals.
Author: Text and Illustrations: Gilly Gobinet
Publisher: (Caribbean Art)

101 Tartas Dulces y Saladas
Argentina is famous for its desserts.
Author: Emi Pechar
Publisher: ISBN: 950 083435, www.libreriapaidos.com (Libreria Paidos-Argentina)

Delicious – 5 Nights a Week
The author is the food editor of Delicious, the popular award winning magazine.
Author: Valli Little
Publisher: ISBN: 978 0733322457 (ABC Books)

Noch mehr Haubenküche. 5 – Euro-Rezepte
Fund raising cookbook with easy cheap recipes.
Author: Von Österreichs Besten Köchen
Publisher: www.neunerhaus.at, ISBN: 978 390 2532114 (Krenn-Austria)

Recipe Collection
The author and publisher Mesbahuddin Ahmed visited the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2007 with great success.
Author: Rowshan Ara Ahmed
Publisher: ISBN: 984 464 1985, www.ankur-prakashani.com (Ankur Prakashani)

Belgium – Dutch
Gastronomie in Belgie
77 restaurants, thirty producers,very interesting recipes.
Author: Frans van Meeuwen, Herlinda de Clerck. Foreword Steve Stevaert, Governor of Limburg
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9081008235 (F. Van Meeuwen)

Belgium – French
La Cuisine des Étudiants
Also published in Dutch.
Author: Marie Claire Quittelier, Photos: Tom Swalens
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9085864172 (Food BAI Food)

Saveurs du Benin et de la Sous Region. Tome 2
The author is the region’s expert, and this book is now a classic Volume 3 was published in April 2007. Volume 1 sold 10.000, Volume II reached 15.000. This could be the only reference cookbook on Benin. The author has done intenssive research in all regions of her country.
Author: Valerie Vinakpon, Photos: Valerie Vinakpon, Fortuné Gbaguidi
Publisher: www.saveursdafrique.com, www.afrilivres.com (STAR Editions)

My Grandmother’s Cookbook
A book to be handed down as a family heirloom. Cookbook published to make a positive difference in children’s lives, in memory of Zahraa-Naaz Hussain, who passed away in a car accident.
Author: Mrs.Roshan Ara Khan, Shamshad Ahmad Khan, Illustrations: Fatema Khan, Foreword in English by his Excellency the President of Botswana, His Excellency F.G.Mogae
Publisher: ISBN: 99912 89097, www.mygrandmotherscookbook.com (Zahraa-Naaz Children’s Fund)

Cabo Verde
Cozinha Da Avó
Our first book from Cabo Verde, from 2005, 83 pages the second edition was launched by the author, Dona Cesalina as everyone calls her in June 2006 in Lisboa.
Author: Josefina Benchimol Duarte, Photos: Cesar Silva, Texto: Cesaltina
Publisher: (Terra Sabi –Opal-Pebe)

Canada – English
Simply Summer
The Renaissance Gourmet offers tips and recipes that are easy enough for a beginner and engaging enough for the serious amateur.
Author: Angela Tunner
Publisher: ISBN: 978 0978356101, www.angelatunner.com (Eat Like A Millionaire Omnimedia)

The Best Recipes of the Best Chefs in China
Food Culture Books publish their cookbooks through several different state publishing companies. They have a backlist of 200 cookbooks, with 20 new titles every year.
Author: Each Chef presents his best recipe For Cooking School Training. Food Culture Books of China
Publisher: ISBN: 978-7-80221-207-7, www.ccswh.com (China Contemporary Economy Press)

Our Cookbook
From the Cyprus Donkey Sanctuary. The author is a talented restaurant critic and cookbook writer.
Author: Patrick Skinner
Publisher: ISBN: 9963932606 (Paslskinner)

Aftensmad – Til Hverdag Og Fest
The author has published over 7 books in the last 3 years.
Author: Bo Christiansen
Publisher: ISBN: 8791933102 (Mellemgaard)

Quito Gourmet
The recipes from the best Quito restaurants.
Author: Irene María Cobo, Diseño: Alejandra Camacho, Introducción: Alfonso Reece
Publisher: ISBN: 9978 324 100, www.latinweb.com.ec (Latinweb)

Modern Egyptian Cooking
The book is available in 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian and German.
Author: Mehdawy Magda
Publisher: ISBN: 977 1735918 (Hussein AMR)

Sepamaa Talu Kook – The Kitchen of Sepamaa Talu
Bilingual, with English-Estonian. Very personal summer home recipes.
Author: Anni Arro
Publisher: ISBN: 9789949427529 (Ajakirjade)

Falkland– Malvinas
Taste of the Falklands
Julie continually explores the Falklands. She has opened a galerie and photostudio in Stanley. The book is a joint venture with Stanley Restaurant, the Falkland Brasserie.
Author: Julie Bellhouse, Chef Alex Olmedo, Foreword: Baroness Thatcher
Publisher: www.52degrees.biz, www.atasteofthe falklands.com, ISBN: 0955553806 (Studio 52)

Northern Flavours – Food from Finland
Recommended in the cookbook of the year 2007 competition of la Societe des Gastronomes Finlandais. In English.
Author: Anna-Maija Tanttu
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9511207542 (Otava)

Trop Bon et Pas Cher
Easy Recipes from cheap ingredients by the Michelin Two Stars chef of l’Auberge Bretonne, La Roche Bernard, Morbihan.
Author: Jacques Thorel, Photos: Didier Benaouda
Publisher: ISBN: 978 2737342493, www.auberge-bretonne.com (Ouest France)

Einfach Köstlich (Band 3), Kochbuch Empfehlungen Aus Mama’s Küche
Bestseller, 13.000 sold in first 6 weeks.
Author: Elisabeth Bähr, Photos: Manuela Baehr-Janzen
Publisher: ISBN: 978 36850338 (Lichtzeigen Verlag)

Aromas from Ghana
The author was born in the UK, brought up in Ghana, and now lives in Vancouver, Canada.
Author: Cynthia Aba Agbozo
Publisher: ISBN 9787501957491, www.aromasfromghana.com (Daysprings Publishing)

Hardenberg operates a greenlandic food take out in Nuuk.
Author: Anne Sofie Hardenberg
Publisher: ISBN: 8755818803, www.atuakkiorfik.gl, (Atuakkiorfik)

Hong Kong
Look and Cook with Annie
The classic recipes for the home cook are fully illustrated in the step by step format. The chef author lays bare her cooking soul and shares her secrets.
Author: Annie Leong
Publisher: Chinese ISBN: 978 988 9987725, English ISBN: 978 9889987718, www.annieandfriends.com (Annie and Friends)

Zaike Ka Safar. 100 Best of Jiggs Kalra
The energy of the Indian culinary star shines through the ample diversity of Indian recipes in the book.
Author: Pushpesh Pant and Zorawar Kalra
Publisher: ISBN: 978 81 84241234 (Allied Publishers)

Book of New Israeli Food, A Culinary Journey
The author is the editor of the leading food magazine in Israel.
Author: Janna Gur, Photos: Eilon Paz
Publisher: ISBN: 978 965727904, www.hashulchan.co.il, www.eilonpaz.com, www.tasteofisrael.com (Hashulchan-Ivrit)

Codice della Cucina Autentica di Asti. 700 Specialita Gastronomiche Create nelle cucine della provincia di Asti
The recipes were contributed by 126 cooks and researchers. Each recipe is signed by its author, with his location in the province. This is a wonderful and useful reference book.
Author: Elio Archimede
Publisher: (Sagittario Editore)

Kenkou Shokuhin Chuudoku
Food as medicine, in 3 parts, drugs, health foods, chinese medicine.
Author: Hyakka, Naitou Hiroshi
Publisher: ISBN: 978 462 1078402 (Maruzen)

The Kazakh National Cuisine
The author is a widely known writer ethnographer. The book will become the classic reference of Khazak Dastarkhan National cuisine, its delicatessen and peculiarities.
Author: Seit Kenzheakmetuly
Publisher: ISBN: 9965 248656 (Too)

Korea - DPRK - north Korea
Best Recipes of Pyongyang
Soft cover book of 24 pages, featuring the best recipes of the capital of North Korea. This is the only DPRK cookbook available currently.
Publisher: (Cooks Association of the DPRK)

Korea - ROK - South Korea
Favorite restaurant recipes, for home cooking.
In Korean. Published in English in the US by Dream Character.
Author: Allisa Park, Illustrations and photos Yoon Yeom
Publisher: ISBN 9788995935275 (Giraffe Publishing)

From Chef to Chef
The author was the chef of the private club in Kuwait, owned by the Royal Family. He now is at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. This is an ideal book for any chef or advanced hobby cook.
Author: Karl Mittelberger
Publisher: ISBN: 978 99906372 (Kuwait Bookshop)

Piatti Tradizionali Lituani. Lithuanian Traditional Foods
Traditional Lithuanian recipes with many illustrations.
Author: Birute Imbrasiene, Translation to Italian: Anna Karpic
Publisher: English ISBN: 978 9955230953 (Baltos Lankos)

Larousse de la Cocina Mexicana
Larousse expert reference publishing in Mexico.
Author: Alicia Gironella de‘Angeli. Giorgio de‘Angeli, Photos: Federico Gil Baptista
Publisher: ISBN: 970 2216850 (Larousse)

Koken in McDonald’s Kitchen
TV chef McDonald uses typical dutch product from the seasons for great vegetarian meals.
Author: Andy McDonald
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9021511122 (Kosmos)

New Zealand
The Confident Cook
The author is an international star food writer and journalist. She is past Pesident of IACP.
Author: Lauraine Jacobs
Publisher: ISBN: 1869418239 (Random House)

Lettvint Middag
Everyday dinner made easy in one pot.
Author: Marit-Rottingsnes Westlie, Photos: Oystein Westlie
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8202268121, www.cappelendamm.no (Cappelen)

A Taste of Rainbow’s End
It is the first cookbook we receive from Palau, published in November 2005
Author: Tova Harel-Bornovski, Photos/Illustrations: Albert Labrador/Navot Bornovski
Publisher: (Tova Harel Bornovski)

Rumba Gourmet, La Nueva Cocina Panameña
This is the third cookbook of the author.
Author: Cuquita Arias Calvo
Publisher: ISBN: 9962 02 9619, www.alestilocuquita.com (Al Estilo de Cuquita)

Flora’s Peruvian Recipes
Although publisher in February 2006, the jury decided to include this well printed book with good recipes, in English.
Author: Flor Arcaya de Beliot
Publisher: ISBN: 997259162 (Flor Deliot)

Potluck – Hidalgo Bonding. A Family Heritage Cookbook
Rich Spanish Hidalgo Heritage.
Author: Jaime C.Laya, Illustrations: Paolo Y. Lim
Publisher: ISBN: 971 271682 (Anvil Publishing)

Cooking with Jozia. Kuchnia Wysmienita. Czyli Gotujemy z babcia jozia
Publicat is one of the 5 biggest cook-book publishers in Poland, with beautiful cookbooks. The author is a very famous film and theater actress.
Author: Katarzyna Laniewska
Publisher: (Publicat)

Marea Carte de Bucate. Bucataria Romanesca
Complete Romanian Cuisine.
Author: Maria Cristea Soimu
Publisher: ISBN 978 9734701049, www.edituraparalela45.ro (Editura Paralela)

Zdorovoe Pitanie-Zdorovay Jizn
Healthy food, healthy life.
Author: Poskryobysheva Galina, Illustrations: Goryinov Anatoly
Publisher: ISBN: 5 373005363 (Olma Media Group)

MAW Broon’s Cookbook
Clever innovative design for the cookbook of Scotland first family, from the Sunday Post cartoons, started in 1936. The previous annual sold 100.000 copies. Maw Broon is fair chuffed that her book o’cordon Broon recipes is gan doon sae weel.
Author: Editor: Eleanor Abraham, Consultant Editor and Spokes Person for the Broons Family: David Donaldson
Publisher: ISBN 978 1902 407456, www.waverleybooks.com (Waverley)

Janjin Prakticni Kuvar
Printing of 3000 for this reference book.
Author: Mirko Janjic
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8683611935 (Computer Books)

Taste Slovenia
The ultimate key to the culinary treasures of the various regions of Slovenia, which is becoming a leading food tourism destination in Europe.
Author: Janez Bogataj, Photos Tome Jesenicnik, Cover photo Janez Puksic, Design Zare Kerin, Layout Rok Bogataj,Bostjan Brecelj
Publisher: ISBN 9789616531399 (Rokus-National Geographic)

South Africa
Fabulous Food
The author’s previous book “Fig Jam and Foxtrot” illustrated by Tony Grogan, won a Gourmand Best in the World Award in 2003.
Author: Lynn Bedford-Hall
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1770073647 (Struik)

Spain – Castellano
Julius, 22 Minutos. Recetas Rápidas y Faciles para Jóvenes, Solteros y Gente con Prisa
How to cook in 22 minutes an excellent meal, by the youngest new star on Canal Cocina Spanish food television. The viewers chose his program as the Best of 2007. He trained at Escuela Ayala of Karlos Arguiñano.
Author: Julio Bienert – Canal Cocina
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8484406321, www.canalcocina.es, www.temasdehoy.es (Temas de Hoy)

Spain – Catalan
La Cuina de L’Aviram. Receptes amb pollastres, perdius, anecs galls dindis, colomins I altres aus de corral.
This experienced writer of several cookbooks offers recipes for the meat of poultry in Catalan cookery.
Author: Francesc Murgadas
Publisher: ISBN: 84-9791-232-2 (Cossetania)

Spain – Gallego
Amigos da Cocina Galega
Friends of Galicia cuisine. Classical Recipes.
Publisher: ISBN: 84 4534322x (Turgalicia)

En god sommar. A good summer
When you just want to lay in the shadow reading a good book on a hot summer day, this is the inspiration to also do some easy cooking.
Author: Malin Landqvist
Publisher: ISBN: 978-91-7126-078-9, www.maxstrom.se (Bokförlaget Max Ström)

Time to Eat
A great chef, known for his charm and kindness, with great photography.
Author: Gary Rhodes, Photos: Lottie Davies, Colin Bell
Publisher: ISBN: 978 0 718153144 www.lottiedavies.com (Michael Joseph)

A Taste of Arabia
Recipes from Arabia and beyond. The author has 25 years experience in the Middle East as a writer and stylist.
Author: Jessie Kirkness Parker, Food Photography: Trevor Vaughan
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9948 431138, www.jerboabooks.com (Jerboa Books)

Cooking. 600 Recipes, 1500 Photographs, One Kitchen Education
The definitive all-inclusive learn to cook reference by the best selling cooking authority professor.
Author: James Peterson
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1 580084816 (Ten Speed)

Tocar Fuego, 45 Recetas de Puño y Letra
Fifteen of the best chefs in Venezuela got together for these forty five recipes “written by hand”. The great recipes, design and photography are a tribute to the new excellence of Venezuela cookery.
Author: Francisco Abenante, Design: Ricardo Limongi, Foreword: Profesor José Rafael Lovera
Publisher: ISBN: 980 12 21682 (Rafael Guillen Photo-Venezuela)

555 Mon An Vietnam
555 Recipes from Vietnam.
Publisher: (NHA Xuai Ban Thong Ke)

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