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Comida de Tradiçao para Crianças
Traditional Cooking for children.
Author: Eduardo Sganzerla
Publisher: ISBN: 9788598364131 (Editora Esplendor)

Shan Zha Mei Shi Hawthorn cuisine
Fructus Crataegi, or “Jiao”, the Chinese hawthorn fruit, is used in traditional Chinese medicine and cuisine.
Author: Zhang Ren Qing
Publisher: ISBN: 978786180998 (Food Cultural Books of China – Economic Times Press)

Incognito Royale
First prize for Best Book Design from the Museum of Industrial Art and Design. Gold prize from Graphis in New York for book design
Author: Paul Conningham, Redaction: Mia Rudolf, Forlags redaction: Majbrit Hansen ?borrar, Design: Punktum Design, Photos: Andreas Wiking, Printer: Narayana
Publisher: ISBN: 9788756781251 (Politikens)

Ethiopian Inspired cooking. Vegetarian specialties. An American approach to Amazing Ethiopian Cuisine.
Published in the USA. Vegetarian African cuisine
Author: Ian Finn
Publisher: ISBN: 9780979627101 (Snow Lion Productions)

Exotic Ethiopian Cooking. Revised extended edition
Reference book, also published in the USA
Author: Daniel Jote Mesfin
Publisher: ISBN: 09 61634529 (Ethiopian Cookbook Enterprises)

Marthas kokbok
Since 1929 this popular basic cookbook has been reprinted and sold in new editions for generations of the Swedish speaking minority in Finland. The book is produced by the biggest guild for Swedish speaking women in Finland.
Author: Runa Melander
Publisher: ISBN: 9789515502285 (Fontana)

Anniks göttliche Kuchen
Annik Wecker is a bestselling author in German, and can become an international star in translations.
Author: Annik Wecker, Photos: Sandra Irmler
Publisher: ISBN: 9783831012787 (Dorling Kindersley)

Kulinarischer Report Des Deutschen Buchhandels 2009 – 2010
Every year since 2005, The Culinary Report of German book business is the Best in the World for the sector, and quite unique. It should be replicated in other countries.
Author: GebrĂĽder Kornmayer
Publisher: ISBN: 9783938173749 (Verlag GebrĂĽder Kornmayer)

The Ghana Cookery Book
Revised Edition 2007. Originally compiled by the British Red Cross Society (Gold Coast Branch) in 1933.
Author: Editing, arrangement notes and introduction: David Saffery
Publisher: ISBN: 9780955393662 (Jeppestown)

Delicious food of Yantai, capital of Shandong cuisine
Launched in the winter of 2005, it establishes Shandong cuisine as the leader of the four main cuisines of China, and Yantai as its center. Bilingual in English and Chinese, it is locally designed, with the most important recipes, where to find the local key ingredients, the biographies of the leading master chefs and others, etc. The hard cover with a first printing of 10000. The chefs, photography and translations are from Yantai.
Author: Yantai Municipal Cooking Association, Preface: Cheng Weihua, Photos: Zhang Ming, Translated by Li Zhonghgqiang, Zhonhngi, Ni Yantan, Designer by Song Xianjun, Printed by Attons Fine Arts Painting Company of Hong Kong
Publisher: ISBN: 97879623763668 (Wenwei Publishing Co)

Italy’s Great Chefs and Their Secrets
In English
Author: Academia Barilla, Foreword: Paul Bartalotta, Introduction: The Barilla Brothers, Preface: Mario Batali, Photos: Lucio Rossi
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8854404519 (White Star)

Pranzi e cibi golosi in convento
The author won a Gourmand Awards in 2002.
Author: Maria Attilia Fabbri Dall’Oglio
Publisher: (Academia Italiana Della Cucina)

A Taste of Kenyan Cooking
This reference book was published by Kenway, an imprint of East African Educational Publishers in 1998. The book won a Gourmand Award as food book from Africa in 2001
Author: Adil Karimbux
Publisher: ISBN 978 9966466105 (Kenway Publication)

Alice Taabu´s Cookery Book
This book won an award as food book from Africa in 2001 . The special award is for its historical significance now resorted and recognized. The show Mke Nyumbani ran for more than 20 years.
Author: Mke Nyumbani
Publisher: ISBN: 9966250212 (Kenway Publications)

The Beauty of Korean Food: with 100 best-loved recipes
It is very rare to have the translators credited on the cover. This important book, published in August 2008, is part of the drive of the Korean Government to standardize the recipes of the selected 100 Korean foods. It introduces Korean food with internationally accessible recipes. In English.
Author: Text by Institute of Traditional Korean Food. Principal researcher and director Sookja Yoon. Tranlated by Kiyung Ham – Richard Harris
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1565912533 (Hollym)

Mezcal, Nuestra Esencia
Para todo mal, mezcal y para todo bien, también. (for everything bad, mezcal, and for everything good, too). Wonderful book by Ambar Diseño, definitely one of the best publishers of the sector.
Author: Edmundo Escamilla & Yuri de Gortari, Photos: Ignacio Urquiza
Publisher: 978 607950416256 (Ambar Diseño)

The Kudeti Book of Yoruba Cookery
First published in Nigeria in 1934. Repackaged in 2002.
Author: Compiled by J. A. Mars, E. M. Tooleyo
Publisher: ISBN 978 2951935 (CSS Limited)

Yolele! Recipes from the Heart of Senegal
Born in Senegal, in Dakar. Chef at Le Grand Dakar, Brooklyn, New York.
Author: Pierre Thiam, Photos: Adam Bartos
Publisher: ISBN 978 1891105388 (Lake Isle Press)

El Azafrán en Aragón y la Gastronomía
Published with Departamento de Industria, Comercio y Turismo del Gobierno de AragĂłn.
Author: José-María Pisa Villarroya, Illustration: Julio Alvar
Publisher: ISBN 978 8488518690 (La Val de Onsera)

70 Confituras
For the marmalades’ museum of Torrent in Girona Catalan Province. This is the first edition in Castilian, the first was published in Catalan in 2002 for the 70th birthday of the author.
Author: Georgina RegĂ s
Publisher: (Museo de la Confitura)

De cuchara y tenedor. Sabores de Navarra
Angelita Alfaro is the lady of Spain northern cuisine, a living treasure as the Asians would say. She is the author of 12 books . Her first Gourmand Awards were in 2004 and 2005.
Author: Angelita Alfaro
Publisher: ISBN: 9788471484475 (Editorial Txertoa)

Bröd & kaffebröd
This year there are more books in Bread than in Easy recipes in Sweden. Jan Hedh is the driving force behind the Swedish bread revolution with his 11 books and master classes in baking and pastry. He is also a partner in Peter’s Yard a bakery in Edinburgh. More books on bread than on easy recipes
Author: Jan Hedh, Photo: Klas Andersson
Publisher: ISBN: 9789113023458 (Norstedts)

Zanzibar Style Recipes
Year 2003. 100 recipes of the best restaurants in Zanzibar.
Author: Photo: Javed Jafferji, Text: Gemma Pitcher
Publisher: ISBN: 9789987667222 (Gallery Publications)

Safari Living Recipes
Year 2003.
Author: Photos: Javed Jafferji, Text: Gemma Pitcher
Publisher: ISBN: 9789987667239 (Gallery Publications)

Istambul Cuisine Contemporaine. 130 Recettes de la Cuisine Turque. Entre Orient et Occident, tout un monde de saveurs
Perfect book for the year of Turkey in France.
Author: Hande Bozdogan, Lale Apa, Photos: Ahmet Agaoglu, Translation: AysegĂĽl Sirmen
Publisher: (APA Tasarim)

Where is the Hummus?
Presenter of the popular cooking show Sohbe Taibe, shown on an Arabic Food Network, Suzanne Husseini is one of the icons of Arab cuisine.
Author: Suzanne Husseini
Publisher: (MOTIVATE Publishing)

Dining at Delmonico’s: The Story of America’s Oldest Restaurant
The story of America’s oldest restaurant, famous for its Lobster Newburg, invented there in 1876
Author: Judith Choate, Chef James Canora, Photos: Steve Pool
Publisher: Isbn: 978 1584797227 (Stewart Tabori Chang)

Life is short… cooking is fun
Energy, taste, humor. Second revised edition.
Author: Joseph KK Ponn
Publisher: ISBN: 097659609 (Joseph Poon, Inc)

New American Table
The reference on new American local foods and recipes
Author: Marcus Samuelsson, with Heidi Sacko Walter, Photos: Paul Brissman
Publisher: ISBN 978 0470281888 (John Wiley & sons)

Au Revoir to All That. Food, Wine, And the End of France
His passion for French food and wine heads the author to conservative criticism.
Author: Michael Steinberger
Publisher: ISBN: 978 15969 13530 (Bloomsbury USA)

The Pleasures of cooking for one
Judith Jones is celebrated as the editor for Julia Child and Claudia Roden
Author: Judith Jones
Publisher: ISBN: 9780307270726, ISBN: 9780307270726 (Random House)

The Bulawayo Cookery Book. Zimbabwe’s First Household Guide.
Paperback 2006. Reprint of Zimbabwe classic first cookery book. Congratulations to Jeppestown Press. First published by Philpott & Collins, in aid of the building fund, for the New English Church, Bulawayo, Rhodesia, 1909.
Author: By Mrs. N. Chataway
Publisher: ISBN 0955393620 (Jeppestown Press)

Prix des élèves du Cordon
Encyclopédie de la Gatronomie Française
With one CD-Rom. It contains everything Le Cordon Bleu students of french food want to know.
Author: Hubert Delorme, Vincent Boue, Photos: Clay Mclachlan
Publisher: ISBN: 9782081218550 (Flammarion)

Prix des élèves du Cordon
Petit Larousse Pâtissier
Practical reference book to pastry. A leading course at Le Cordon Bleu.
Author: Mathilde Piton
Publisher: ISBN: 978-2035841483 (Larousse)

Prix des élèves du Cordon
Grands Crus Classés, Grands Chefs Etoilés
For Le Cordon Bleu students, led by the Chinese, an excellent book on pairing food with the most prestigious wines.
Author: Textes de Sophie Brissaud, Recettes: Ferrán Adrià, Anne Sophie Pic, Joel Robuchon, Thierry Marx, Photographes: Cyril le Tournova, D’ Ison et Iris L. Sullivan, Préface: Jacques Dupont, Avant Propos: Jancis Robinson et Nick Lander
Publisher: ISBN 978 2732438771 (La Martinière)

Comme au Resto
Trish Deseine won her first Best in the World Award in 2002 for her Chocolate bestseller, and Special Awards in 2006, 2008 and 2009.
Author: Trish Deseine, Photos Deirdre Rooney
Publisher: ISBN 9782501062602 (Marabout)

Entremets, Petits Gâteaux Fusion
Bellouet is a top hospitality professional school in Paris.
Author: Jean Michel Perruchon, Photos: Philippe Gall
Publisher: ISBN 978 2918223009 (Bellouet Conseil)

Des mots, des mets
Gallimard is a leading children book publisher since Pierre Marchand, who changed and influenced the whole sector worldwide.
Author: Françoise Spiess, Photographies Anne Rehbinder
Publisher: ISBN: 978 2070123728 (Gallimard)

South African Indigenous Food. A connection of recipes of indigenous foods, prepared by generations of women
A reference book for South African culinary history. Authored by. Bomme Basemzansi. Representing their communities: Free State: M. Mananzi, A Thebe; Kwazulu-Natal: L Hlophe, D Ncube, P Tembe; Limpopo: M. Maiwashe, E. Ndlhovu, R. Mphafudi; North west: M.Matlou, J. Mokwena, S. Motau; Eastern cape: N. Vovo, N.Z. Mtya, N. Kama
Author: Bomme Basemzansi
Publisher: (IndiZAfoods)

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