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The Meat Game. A History of the Gepps Cross Abattoirs and Livestock Markets
An intelligent study of where our food comes from.
Author: Richard Maurovic
Publisher: ISBN: 9781862547261 (Wakefield Press)

SĂĽsses Aus Dem Sacher
The most famous cake in the world, since 1832.Celebrating 175 years in 2007.
Author: Christoph Wagner
Publisher: ISBN 978 3854 314400, www.pichlerverlag.at (Pichler)

Arte de Cozinha – Alimentaçao e Dietética em Portugal e no Brasil (séculos XVII-XIX)
Many traditional recipes, in a good book.
Author: Cristiana Couto, Illustrations: Fabiana Fernandes
Publisher: ISBN: 978 857 3595840 (Senac Sao Paulo)

Canada – French
Les Producteurs Toqués de l’Ile d’Orleans – Farmers in chefs hats
Très beau livre bilingue, avec de bonnes photos, et des recettes appetissantes.Beautiful bilingual book,with good photos,and great recipes.
Author: Linda Arsenault
Publisher: In French and English, www.producteurstoques.com (Producteurs Toqués-Canada)

Classic Recipes of the Qian Long-Sui Yuan Period
This massive hardcover is the reference book of extremely well written recipes of the period, with many dishes now in Imperial Cuisine.
Author: By Wen Yan
Publisher: ISBN: 978-7-5304-3452-9, www.bkjpress.com (Beijing Science and Technology Press)

FogĂłn de Negros, Cocina y Cultura en una RegiĂłn Latinoamericana
Afro-American Cooking in Latin America, winner of “Andrés Bello Award” in the Essay Category.
Author: German Patiño Ossa
Publisher: ISBN: 978 958 698 2184 (Convenio Andrés Bello)

Danish cookbooks: Domesticity and National Identity 1616-1901
The book explores how cooking contributed to identity as a nation. It is copublished with University of Washington Press in the USA which has the largest Scandinavian studies department in North America.
Author: By Carol Gold, History Professor at the University of Alaska
Publisher: ISBN: 978 0295986821, ISBN: 978 8763506083, www.washington.edu/uwpress (Museum Tusculanum Press- University of Copenhagen University of Washington Press)

Eesti Talurahva Vanem Toit
Culinary history reference book (2007) edition) by ethnography expert, who died in 1996.
Author: Aliise Moora, Illustrations: Mari Ainso
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9985772126 (Ilmamaa)

L’Alimentation des équipages dans la Marine. Esquisse Historique
The food on board the ships of the French Navy is described for the centuries from 1600 to 1900. It is clear, easy reading with strong research.
Author: Lucien Fournier
Publisher: ISBN: 978-2-84265-483-2, www.ladecouvrance.com (La DĂ©couvrance Editions)

Die F.A.Z. Gourmet Vision
Star food critic Dollase writes about 15 great chefs.
Author: JĂĽrgen Dollase
Publisher: ISBN: 978 3 937963594 (Tre Torri)

Il Piccolo Libro dei Cibi
A delightful well written book, rich in history and culinary culture
Author: Giorgio Taborelli
Publisher: ISBN: 978 88 7928-9122-2, www.ponteallegrazie.it (Ponte alle Grazie)

50 Years of Japanese Food Cultural Changes
The refrigerator was a war crime for Japanese food culture destruction.
Author: Ziosuke
Publisher: ISBN: 978 4022 731 593, www.book.asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun)

Seminario Historia de la Cocina Peruana
The author is a historian and the director of the Museum of the Peruvian Woman. Lima Seminar of April 2005 on the culinary history of Peru.
Author: Maritza Villavicencio
Publisher: (Universidad San Martin de Porres-Peru)

The Governor – General Kitchen. Philippines Culinary Vignettes and Period Recipes 1521-1935. In English
The book received the 2006 National Book Award for cookbooks.
Author: Felice Prudente Sta.Maria, Design: Guillermo Ramos, Ige Ramos Design Studio
Publisher: ISBN: 971 2716961 (Anvil)

Taste of Pitcairn
We waived the yeardate requirement for this interesting cookbook. The author says it is the first Pitcairn cookbook
Author: Meralda Warren

Sabores Intemporais
This is a publisher of many cookbooks. The recipes here are from the Algarve.Fifth culinary history book by this author.
Author: Renato Costa, Photos: Dina Adao
Publisher: ISBN 9789898010452 (Caleidoscopio)

The Food of Love: Four Centuries of East-West Cuisine
Eurasian Recipes and History.
Author: Wendy Hutton
Publisher: ISBN: 978 981 2614568 (Marshall Cavendish)

South Africa
Traditional South African Cooking
The book features interesting stories about the origins of South African cuisine, which is a unique blend of dutch, french, german, british cuisines as well as malay from the east.
Author: Magdalena Van Wyk, Pat Barton
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1770074071 (Struik)

Spain – Castellano
Cocina y AlimentaciĂłn en los Siglos XVI y XVII
This is a masterpiece which will become the culinary history reference for this Golden Age of Spanish power.
Author: Julio Valles Garcia, Photos: Oronoz FotografĂ­a Digital
Publisher: ISBN: 978 849718 4113 (Junta de Castilla y Leon)

Spain – Catalan
Cuinar i Menjar a Barcelona (1850-1900)

Publisher: ISBN: 978 8493497255 (CIM Edicions)

Nostalgiboken om godis & glass

Author: Annica Triberg, Eva Kallhed, Photo: Albert HĂĄkansson
Publisher: ISBN: 91-85329-42-8 (Grenadine Bokförlag AB)

Dervis Sofralari. Dervish’s Table – The Culinary Culture and Customs in Sufizim
According to Sufism, every phase of the meal is not just an action but a life doctrin. The book explains in 115 recipes and unique photography everything about Sufi cuisine.
Author: Sahrap Soysal, Photos: Koray Peközkay
Publisher: ISBN 9789759915414 (Doan Kitap)

Taste, The Story of Britain Through Its Cooking
Social history of Britain through its food, from Roman times to the age of the celebrity chef.
Author: Kate Colquhoun
Publisher: ISBN: 978 0 747585763 www.bloomsbury.com (Bloomsbury)

The author is director of Alphabet City Media in Toronto.
Author: Edited by John Knechtel
Publisher: ISBN: 978 0262 113090 (Mit Press)

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