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Paris on a Plate, A Gastronomic Diary
An honest account of 12 days in Paris, underlining the strengths and weakness of Parisian foods, the high cuisine and the bistrot,the fun and the surprises.
Author: Stephen Downes
Publisher: ISBN: 978-1740 458818 (Murdoch Books-Australia)

Millionen Kochen. Ein Mira-Valensky-Krimi
Crime story with food background. There is also a new cookbook Mira Kocht (ISBN: 978 3852563589)
Author: Eva Rossmann
Publisher: ISBN: 978 3 85256-3787, www.folioverlag.com (Folio Verlag)

MemĂłrias de Adega e Cozinha
The author is a doctor from the University of Sao Paulo, wll known writer and member of many culinary societies around the world.
Author: Sergio de Paula Santos, Illustrations: Mateus de Paula Santos, Marcello Righini
Publisher: ISBN: 978 86 73595185 (Senac-Sao Paulo)

Memorias de una Golosa
Although published in July 2006, this book is so interesting the Jury waived the deadline.
Author: Pilar Hurtado Larrain
Publisher: ISBN: 956 2394557, www.pilarhurtado.blogspot.com (Epicentro Aguilar-Editorial Santillana)

Satisfying the World: Both the Department of Culture and History
The author of this book is Shantou City Food Institute Secretary General. This book is derived from his columns in the Shantou City News column called “Watch the Chaoshan”. Chaoshan is a region of 10 million people, next to Guangdong, quite different from the rest of China.
Author: Zhang Xinmin
Publisher: ISBN: 978-7-80713-413-8, www.hbcbs.com.cn, www.yanruyu.com/chaocai, www.slswcc.com (Shandong Pictorial Publishing House)

FogĂłn de Negros: Cocina y Cultura en la regiĂłn Latinoamericana
Winner of the award “Premio Andrés Bello de Pensamiento Iberoamericano” for the essay category, for 12 spanish speaking countries.
Author: Germán Patiño Ossa
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9586982184 (Convenio Andrés Bello)

Abecedaire Liquidophile, Préface de Régine Deforges
27 authors for the wine alphabet get the reader drunk with happy, funny, serious, deep words, published by the french Gourmand Libraries Association.
Author: Gravure couleur de Richard Texier, Illustrations de Daniel Maja
Publisher: ISBN 2914481209 (Bibliothèques Gourmandes-Editions Virgile)

Teller – Gerichte
Thirty satirical philosophical stories.
Author: Torben Klausa. Olaf Plotke, Foreword: Dr.Erik Ansgar Schwedt
Publisher: ISBN 9783938173398 (Kornmayer)

Art Cuisine
Food in modern restaurants has evolved to being created or perceived as a work of art, from a philosophical, aesthetic and historical point of view. Great complete English text in a separate book.
Author: Albert Arouh
Publisher: ISBN 9608796814 (Imako Media)

Alimentare, Watson!
The author has published 7 books since 1999. This one is an entertaining thriller based on Sherlock Holmes in a criminal investigation based on food. This book should be translated.
Author: Lucio Nocentini
Publisher: ISBN: 978 88 87549 591, www.morgantieditori.it, www.lucionocentini.com (Morganti Editori)

It is life. Oishu Gozaimasu
Culinary journalist half a century history, with much sense of humor.
Author: Asako Kishi
Publisher: ISBN: 978 4766210811, www.graphsha.jp (Graph Sha)

Met Gort de Boer op
Humorous adventures in the Netherlands culinary world, with the chef from the famous Librije Restaurant (Michelin Star) in Zwolle.
Author: Ilja Gort – Jonnie Boer
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9043910569, www.iljagort.blogo.nl (Tirion)

New Zealand
Papa’s Donut
Nika is a little kiwi girl with a Cook Island dad who makes the best donut in the world.
Author: Kate Moetaua, Illustrated by Bruce Potter
Publisher: ISBN 97818698484361 (Reed Publishing)

A La Carte: Food and Fiction
A collection of 25 stories and recipes that reveals filipino culture in a unique way.
Author: Edited by Cecilia Manguera Brainard and Marily Orosa, 25 Authors, Illustrations: Ice de Leon
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9712718779, www.anvilpublishing.com, www.pahlbooks.com (Anvil)

A Poesia Ă© para Comer. Seleciao de poemas
These are original poems, with corresponding recipes.
Author: Ana Vidal Receitas Culinarias – Casa de Cozinha.com
Publisher: ISBN 9789899525108, www.anavidal.com (DG Edicoes)

El Salvador
Mesas y Escenas de El Salvador
To the benefit of the Children Museum of El Salvador. The author is a Honduran journalist, widow of Federico Bloch Macias, a hero and CEO of Taca Group Airline in El Salvador.
Author: Jacqueline Laffite Bloch
Publisher: In English and Spanish, www.tinmarin.org (Fondo Patrimonial del Tin Marin-Amuni-Museo de los Niños)

Spain – Castellano
El Goloso. Una Historia Européa de la Buena Mesa
European culinary history, a masterpiece.
Author: Conde de Sert
Publisher: ISBN: 84 206 5134 7 (Alianza Editorial)

Spain – Catalan
Vocabulari de Cuina I Taules, Taules de Mesura
A-Z of Catalan kitchen vocabulary.
Author: Núria Bàguena. Glòria Baliu
Publisher: ISBN: 84 93537739 (SD Edicions)

Tyst hav. Silent sea
Journalist Isabella Lövin is convinced we need to change our habits on fishing.
Author: Isabella Lövin
Publisher: ISBN: 978-91-7037-278-0, www.isabellalovin.se, www.ordfront.se (Ordfront förlag)

The Camel Trail
The author has published seven cookbooks. In her first novel, English and Jewish food have an important role in the four generations saga of the Levy family.
Author: Judy Jackon
Publisher: ISBN: 978 0951722022 (Marsons)

The Zen of Fish. The Story of Sushi, from Samurai to supermarket
An in-depth look at the culture of Sushi by a japanese-speaking expert on the behavior of sea creatures. After the “Secret Life of Lobsters”, this new book is expected by many fans of the author. His style is unique, with strong content and research.
Author: Trevor Corson
Publisher: ISBN: 978-0-06-088350-8 (Harper Collins)

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