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Arte de Cozinha – 1680
The reprint of the first Portuguese language cookery book, published for the 200th Anniversary of the arrival of D.Joao and the Royal Family in Rio de Janeiro.
Author: Domingos Rodrigues, Food Photographer: Sergio Pagano
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8577560318 (Senac Rio de Janeiro)

Collection of recipes Volume 2
Published in celebration of his Majesty’s 62nd birthday, the State Mufti verified the Halal status of all ingredients. It includes recipes from: Airport Restaurant, Seasons restaurants, Dynasty restaurant, Amigos Cats, Emperor’s Court Restaurant, and RBC Aircraft Catering Center.
Author: Barnitus Ang, HJ Omar Ali HJ Mohd Daud, Photos: Mohammad Rezuan Hj Jamach, HJ Mahaddi Hj Mat Zain
Publisher: ISBN: 9991705953 (Language and Literature Bureau-Royal Brunei Catering)

Beijing Olympics 2008 China Food Culture
Zhang Ren Qing is the leading private publisher of cookbooks, with an average two titles per month, under the imprint China Food Culture.
Publisher: (Qingdao Publishing)

Kokkebogen. The Cookbook
The first edition came in 1936 and this 6th version is totally revised.
Author: Editor: Karen Agerbæk, Layout: Nils Thobo-Carlsen
Publisher: ISBN: 978877 8819 741, www.ef.dk (Erhvervsskolernes)

Decadent Desserts. Recipes from Chateau Vaux le Vicomte
In English. The marvellous castle presents some surprising desserts.
Author: Written By Countess Cristina de Vogue, Photography by Thomas Dhellemmes, Photo Styling by Delphine de Montalier and Veronique Villaret
Publisher: ISBN: 978 2 080300591, www.vaux-le-vicomte.com (Flammarion)

Osez!. L’antimanuel de Cuisine
Jean-Marie Baudic has learned from chefs such as Patrick Jeffroy and Pierre Gagnaire. He presents his innovative recipes with his wife, who is in charge of the desserts at their restaurant in Saint-Brieuc.
Author: de Juliette et Jean Marie Baudic, Photographies: Amaury Grisel, Préfaces: Pierre Gagnaire, Patrick Jeffroy
Publisher: ISBN: 978 2917008034 (Menu Fretin)

FRANCE Le Prix des Etudiants de l’Ecole Le Cordon Bleu Paris
Dico Dumas. Le Grand Dictionnaire de Cuisine
Impressive gastronomical encyclopedia by the author of Les Trois Mousquetaires or Le Comte de Monte-Cristo, a real reference with the talent of the master.
Author: D’Alexandre Dumas, Préface de Pascal Ory
Publisher: ISBN: 978 2917009041 (Menu Fretin)

FRANCE Special Award
La Sauce Etait Presque Parfaite. 80 Recettes d’après Alfred Hitchcock
With these 80 recipes inspired by Alfred Hitchcock, Les Cahiers du Cinéma publish their first cookbook.
Author: Anne Martinetti, François Rivière, Photos: Philippe Asset
Publisher: ISBN: 978 2866425340, www.cuisineinsolite.com (Cahiers du Cinema)

FRANCE Special Award
Food Photo
Humor and fashion are the main ingredients of Patrick Rougereau, a surprising photographer who self-published this excellent book.
Author: Patrick Rougereau
Publisher: ISBN: 295257635 (Éditions du Studio Rougereau)

FRANCE Special Award
La Boite à Fromages. 39 Livres – 60 Fromages, 215 Recettes, 40 AOC
Its funny presentation has been a real success in France for Christmas 2008.
Author: Stephane Reynaud, Illustrations: Jose Reis de Matos, Photographies: Frederic Lucano, Conception du modèle originale: Marabout et Jose Reis de Matos, Imprimé en Chine par Leo Paper Products Ltd
Publisher: ISBN: 978 2201058643 (Marabout)

Masci. The Man Behind the Legend
Biography of Miguel Arcanjo Mascarenhas, from Goa Kitchen Boy to cooking for Royalty, and the first Executive Chef of the Taj Group of Hotels. This book was compiled, written and edited by his wife. Published in October 2005, in Goa.
Author: Odette Mascarenhas
Publisher: (Priya Distributors)

Classic Tamil Brahmin Cuisine. Pure Vegetarian South Indian Samayal
Samayal means cooking in Tamil. Annam or food is a form of the almighty according to the Hindu scriptures. All beings are born and live by food, and ultimately go back to the earth and merge into it to become food.
Author: Viji Varadarajan, Padmini Natarajan
Publisher: ISBN: 81 80287648 (Rathna Offset Printers)

The Emperor’s Table
The miniature paintings that illustrate the recipes show how magnificent was the Mughal court.
Author: Salma Husain
Publisher: ISBN: 9788174364531 (Roli Books)

Il Cuoco Segreto dei Papi
June di Schino embodies culture in the world of gastronomy.
Author: June di Schino, Furio Lucci-Chenti
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8849214123, www.gangemieditore.it (Gangemi Editore)

La Cuisine Libanaise
Taboulé, falafel, shish taouk and kibbé are some of the famous recipes that Badia Ghaddar shares with the people from Ivory Coast.
Author: Recettes, Stylisme et Preparation: Badia Ghaddar, Photos: Nabil Zorkot
Publisher: (Editions Profoto)

The Land and the Table
This is a unique book about Jordan food by the expert Cecil Hourani, an excellent cook with a staggering knowledge of the complexities of Jordan mix of cultures. Published in 2006, this is the reference book for food in Jordan.
Author: Cecil Hourani
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1903018262 (Elliott and Thompson)

The author is the founding member of Slow Food Beirut.
Author: Barbara Massaad With Raymond Yazbeck, Photos: Barbara Massard
Publisher: (Barbara Massaad)

Air Tangan Masakan. Traditional Pahang
Bilingual Malay English.
Author: By Tengku Puan Pahang
Publisher: ISBN: 983 245610Y (Lembaga Muzium Negeri Pahang)

Het Nieuwe Kookboek
1500 Recipes in the 60th anniversary edition of the cookbook that may be the most used in homes in the Netherlands. The new design has a modern look and feel, keeping the first edition cover of 1948.
Author: H.H.F.Henderson, H.Toors, I.J.Ebbelink-Bosch, C.Thijssen
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9021535159 (Kosmos)

Norsk mat med Andreas Viestad. Norwegian food with Andreas Viestad
Andreas Viestad is a food journalist at Dagbladet Magasinet and The Washington Post, television star on PBS in USA, and a past winner of Gourmand Awards 2007.
Author: Andreas Viestad
Publisher: ISBN: 9788202287412, www.cappelendamm.no (Cappelan Damm)

Hunger for Freedom: The Story of Food in the life of Nelson Mandela
Anthropology, food and Africa. The Book was prepared with the Nelson-Mandela Foundation and offered to Mandela on July 18, 2008 on his 90th birthday.
Author: Anna Trapido
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1770095786 (Jacana Media)

Trufas, Guia y Recetas
Sergio Azagra and Mikel Alonso received a “Best in the World Award”, in Beijing 2007.
Author: José de Uña, Emilio Ubieto, Sergio Azagra, Photos: Mikel Alonso
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8424174255 (Everest)

Entre Fogones con Angelita Alfaro
Real cooking in an era of sophistication and technological methods.
Author: PrĂłlogo: Juan Mari y Elena Arzak, Fotos: Jessica del Campo
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8498430615 (Ttarttalo)

MartĂ­n Berasategui te Ayuda a Cocinar
The great Martin Berasategui (three Michelin stars) gives some advices to the public.
Author: Fotos: José Luis López de Zubiria
Publisher: ISBN: 978 84 03507449 (El País –Aguilar)

Festival de Sopes del MĂłn Mundial
Soups from the different cultures of Barcelona’s residents.
Author: 9 Barris Acull
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8483304693 (Viena)

Skogens Mat. The Food of the Woodlands
Radio journalist and Swedish Meal Academy jury member Karsten Thurfjell has gathered quotations from classical Swedish novels to go along with the Game Chef of Sweden Gert Klötzke’ s favourite recipes collected under three years.
Author: Gert Klötzke, Karsten Thurfjell, Food Photo: Lars Paulsson, Layout: Patric Leo
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9100118907, www.wok.nu, www.albertbonniersforlag.se (Albert Bonniers Förlag)

Good Ideas Kitchen
Leading stylist in Thailand.
Author: Suthipong Suriya
Publisher: ISBN: 974 2891427 (Amarin)

Forty Years Old Taste. Havens in Istanbul
Published at the end of 2007 for the 125 anniversary of TBMM-Culinary Istanbul Treasures.
Author: Sevim Gökyildiz, Edip Pinarli
Publisher: ISBN: 978 99 44 60 122 1 (TBMM-Turkey Chamber of Commerce)

Fruit: Edible, Inedible, Incredible
Andreas Papadakis was a brilliant publisher and a generous bon-vivant who had an unique style. With his daughter Alexandra, he created some of the most beautiful and impressive books ever seen.
Author: Wolfgang Stuppy, Rob Kesseler
Publisher: ISBN: 978-554074051 (Edited by Alexandra Papadakis)

Spice for Life, a Feast of Healthy South Asian Recipes
Healthy Indian food recipes from Warwick Medical School, and one of the ten best Indian restaurants in the United Kingdom . It is free by download. All pages have great colour photography and design. The objective of the book is to reduce weight and health risks.
Author: Professor Sudhesh Kumar, Chef Aktar Islam, Edited by Dr.Roberta Warman, Designed by Paul Dibbens, Mustard Design, Photos by Ian Worton, Studio Plus and Paul Dibbens, Foreword by Paul Fulford, Birmingham Mail Food Writer
Publisher: www.warwick.ac.uk, www.wms.ac.uk, www.lasan.co.uk (University of Warwick – Lasan Restaurant)

Sophie Conran’s Soups and Stews
Food and Design with innovative practical recipes.
Publisher: ISBN: 9780007279913, www.sophieconran.com (Harper Collins)

On the Line
Eric Ripert is the chef of Le Bernardin, awarded four stars by The New York Times, three stars by the Michelin Guide, and rated best restaurant in New York by Zagat.
Author: Eric Ripert, Christine Muhlke
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1579653699 (Artisan)

The Fallingwater Cookbook. Elsie Henderson’s Recipes and Memories
Life inside Frank Lloyd Wright’s Architectural wonder.
Author: Suzanne Martinson, Jane Citron, Robert Sendall, Photography: Linda Mitzel, Rob Long
Publisher: ISBN: 978 0822943570 (University of Pittsburgh Press)

Comfort me with Apples
The author is an excellent writer who already published a book on the olive tree and another one about oranges.
Author: John Train
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1905377275 (Maria Theresa Train)

More fast food my way
Jacques PĂ©pin has been the personnal chef of Charles de Gaulle before the beginning of his impressive career in the United States, where he became a TV star and published 18 cookbooks.
Author: Jacques Pepin
Publisher: ISBN: 978 0618142330, www.JacquesPepin.net (Houghton Mifflin)

The Paley’s Place Cookbook Recipes and Stories from the Pacific Northwest
The whole culinary world meets in Oregon at the Paley’s place.
Author: Vitaly Paley, Kimberly Paley, Photos: John Valls
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1 580088305 (Ten Speed)

Woody Allen
Hilarious new book by Woody Allen, including Thus Ate Zarathustra, the lost diet book of Friedrich Nietzsche. How Deadly Your Taste Buds, My Sweet is a superbly fluent and absurd private eye story on the trail of the Mandalay Truffle.
Author: Mere Anarchy
Publisher: ISBN: 978-0812979503 (Random House)

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