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Tinhinane 2. Les Galettes, les plats, les plantes medicinales
Traditional medicine through cooking, transmitted through the family.
Author: Madame Haddad Karima et Houria
Publisher: ISBN: 978 12 9947986 (Dar El Hana)

Sepa cómo hacer su propia dieta
Know how to make your own diet.
Author: Marta Stahler. Patricia Cooke
Publisher: ISBN: 978 950 768 5569 (Imaginador)

Gluten-Free Cooking
This is the third book by this author.
Author: Sue Shepherd
Publisher: ISBN: 978 0670 071135, www.coeliac.com.au (Penguin)

Belgium – French
De Tout Coeur Belge
Also published in Dutch.
Author: Marie Claire Quittelier, Photos: Tom Swalens
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9085864325 (Food BAI Food)

Comer Bem e Com Saúde
Eating well for health, supported by the Fundaçao Abrino – Empresa amiga da Criança.
Author: André Boccato
Publisher: ISBN: 85 368 0147 6, www.editoradcl.com.br (Difusao Cultural do Livro)

Canada – English
The Chocolate Therapist
Chocolate remedies for a world of ailments.
Author: Julie Pech
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1412047425, www.trafford.com (Trafford)

Medicine Food
For people who are often sick, eating can be helpful, adapting food to each season.
Author: Chang Jian Bing: Siji Yangsheng - Yaoshang Quanshu. Peng Bingquan
Publisher: ISBN: 7-80194-607-3) www.pmmp.com.cn (People’s Military Medical Press)

Ljeto - Summer
The author is the famous croatian author of healthy vegan/macrobiotic cookbooks and the first who introduced this concept of cooking in Croatia 20 years ago. Seaweed, spring, summer, autumn, winter.
Publisher: ISBN 978 953 2570618, Jadranka Boban Pejic (Planetopija)

Nain Me Keitamme. This is How we Cook
The model of the recipes is the french way of eating. The doctor is an orthopaedic surgeon and a pain doctor who has successfully treated pain patients by changing their diet. He has published 3 previous diet related bestsellers.
Author: Dr. Antti Heikkilä, Photos: Ofer Amir
Publisher: ISBN: 978 952 5421 378 (Rasalas)

Lecker Essen

Author: Joachim Luger. WDR
Publisher: ISBN: 978 3 899937343 (Schlütersche)

Healthy Taste of Indian Culture. Cooking with Yoghurt
Cooking with yoghurt is an art and a tradition in India. These are southern India recipes.
Author: Viji Varadarajan
Publisher: ISBN: 8190287621 (Orient Press)

Unislim – Recipes for Success
Unislim has 500 classes all over Ireland. It was created by Fiona Gratzer’s mother, Agnes McCourt.
Author: Fiona Gratzer
Publisher: ISBN: 9780717142484 (Gill MacMillan-Ireland)

Un Po’ di Vino, Tanta Salute
The author is the president of Doce Docg, Scientific Director of Il Sommellier Magazine. He received the Office International de la Vigne et du Vin Award in 1988, and the National Ottavi Award in 1997.
Author: Giuseppe Sicheri
Publisher: ISBN: 978-88-7447-460-1, www.red-edizioni.it (Red Edizioni)

Food Cure – The Chinese

Author: 3000 Years Intelligence
Publisher: ISBN: 978 406274494 (Kodansha)

Halawiyat Anahid Al Shahiya
Lots of mouth watering recipes, with great photos, it includes the best from both Arabic and international sweets.
Author: Anahid Dontguian
Publisher: www.carla4diet.com, ISBN: 978 9953373706 (Academia-Lebanon)

Alimentación para Adolescentes Embarazadas. Una estrategia para proteger la vida. Curso –Taller
The editor is director of prevention and social participation.
Author: Luz Elena Salas Gómez. María del Carmen Iñarritu Pérez. Reyna Flores Reséndiz. Eduardo Huarte Rodríguez. Hiromi Yajima. Editor: Dr. Javier Cabral Soto
Publisher: (Unam – Comunicación Social del Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social)

Cucina Catharina
Recipes from Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven.
Author: Cees van Casteren. Frank Gerrits, Photos: Xander Tielbeek
Publisher: ISBN: 978 906611 8638 (Inmerc)

Frisk, Mett og Glad
Healthy recipes with GI-COOKING.
Author: Per Lauritz Lien, Photos: Tove K.Breastein
Publisher: ISBN 978820537357 (Gyldendal Fakta)

Nutrición para todos
Nutrition for everyone.
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9972021404 (El Comercio)

Cooking 1,2,3 (3 Volumes). Favorite Family Recipes Made Healthy. In english
Kitchen tastes series for teachers, and students in nutrition and diet. Anvil received in 2006 the Philippines National Award for best publisher.
Author: Cris C.Abiva. Luz Felicidad S. Callanta, RND, Illustrations: Arnold Ramos
Publisher: ISBN: 971 2718915 (Anvil Publishing)

100 Róslin, W Twojej Kuchini
The publisher specializes in health books.
Author: Maria Szustakowska-Chojnacka
Publisher: ISBN 9788320033090 (Wydawnictwo Lekarskie Pzwl)

Ervas & Mezinhas. Na Cozinha e Na Saúde
Traditional portuguese herbal cures for health.
Author: M. Margarida Pereira-Müller. Préfacio: Prof. Angelo Lucas
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9727 821020 (Colares)

Beauty Recipes, 3 Volumes. 1.- Slimming Menus. 2.- Anti Stress. 3.- Nutrition of Hair and Skin

Author: Marina Vasilyeva and Alyona Makhankova
Publisher: Scientific consultant: Lyudmila Potyomkina, Cover photographed by Valery Velikov, and Igor Ashmarin, Designed by Valentina Chemyakina, ISBN: 978 5 8029 16391, 978 5 8029 16940, 978 5 8029 6193 3 (Arkaim)

Naturally Speaking: Indian. Recipes and Home Remedies
The author is known as the spice queen of Singapore. She has written 12 cookbooks.
Author: Devagi Sanmugam
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9812327154, www.devagi.com (Marshall Cavendish)

South Africa
The South African Diabetes Cookbook
The recipes are creatives, tasty and uncomplicated. Every recipe includes a nutritional analysis.
Author: Amanda Jeffrey and La-Rentia Marx
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1770073654 (Struik)

Spain – Castellano
No te comas el Coco – Consejos Cerebrosaludables
This very useful book was the result of the work of many including the association of Parkinson of Gipuzkoa (Aspargui), and Glaxo Smith Kline, with the enthusiasm of Martin Berasategui and David de Jorge. Thank you! It is very attractive, simple and efficient. It should be translated.
Author: Dr.Gurutz Linazasoro. Martín Berasategui. Diseño – Sonia Uribe
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8493385361 (Gourmand-Hariadna Editorial)

Spain – Catalan
Menjar Ràpid, Sa i Bo
Eating quickly, healthy and good in less than 15 minutes is the objective of the recipes in the book. Most come from Mallorca. They are rated in 5, 15, and 30 minutes.
Author: Margalida Munar Munar
Publisher: ISBN: 9788493530921 (Hiperdimensional Dimensiens)

Den hemlige kocken. The secret chef
What are we really eating? Do you dare to know? The author is editor of Svenska Dagbladet, the leading newspaper.
Author: Mats-Eric Nilsson
Publisher: ISBN: 978-91-703-7315-2, www.ordfront.se (Ordfront förlag)

Switzerland – Germany
Gesund Abnehmen Nach Dem Stoffwechseltyp. Metabolic Typing – Mit 60 Rezepten
Metabolic typing, based on William Wolcott research.
Author: Ursula Wetter, Photos: Aria Gambino
Publisher: ISBN: 978 3 03800-296-3 (At Verlag-Switzerland

Lighten Up – A Healthy New Way to Cook
The australian author has written 14 cookbooks. She lives in London with her husband Terry Durack.
Author: Jill Dupleix
Publisher: ISBN: 978 184400 4898, www.jilldupleix.com (Quadrille)

All-Natural Diabetes Cookbook
Absolutely no ingredients in the book are artificial. The author is Chef instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education. She was national media spokesperson of the Diabetes Association.
Author: Jackie Newgent
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1580402750, www.jackienewgent.com (American Diabetes Association)

150 Thuc Don An Sáng
Exhibited at the Frankfurt Book Fair.
Author: Bs. Nguyen Thi Kim Hung
Publisher: (NHA Xuai Ban Phu Nu)

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