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Mariscos al Uso del Maestro de Cocina
The chef is extremely popular on television in Argentina, and now in Spain with “El Toque Ariel” on Antena 3 television. He trained at the best french cookery schools, with a Grand Diplome from Le Cordon Bleu, and at Lenotre.
Author: Ariel Palacios
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9500833707 (Atlántida-Argentina)

Garden Feast
The author is a horticulturalist, gardening writer and television presenter.
Author: Melissa King
Publisher: ISBN: 978 07333 17644 (ABC Books)

Santas Receitas
There are dozens of recipes with Saints names, with much traditional Brasilian cookery. The author is a famous host of Brazilian Rede-TV. With each recipe, there is the corresponding prayer: this is the first time worldwide we see it.
Author: Sonia Abrao
Publisher: ISBN: 978 857 3125368, , www.editoragente.com.br, www.uol.com.br/Soniaabrao (Gente)

Canada – English
Pure Food. How to shop, cook and have fun in your kitchen everyday
The author is the star of the Canadian Food Network.
Author: Christine Cushing
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1552859018, www.christinecushing.com (Whitecap)

Canada – French
Pasta et Cetera À La Di Stasio
The author offers the best souvenirs of Italy filming for her shows, with simple and pleasure recipes.
Author: Josée di Stasio, Photos: Jean Longpre
Publisher: ISBN: 978 2 890773301 (Flammarion Quebec)

Cocina Dulce
The leading celebrity chef in Chile.
Author: Carlo von MĂĽhlenbrock
Publisher: ISBN: 956 1218186, www.zigzag.cl (Editorial Zigzag-Chile)

Lin Yi Lun Cookbook
A Fashion cookbook by a film and television star, for young trendy cookbook buyers, it was already featured as an illustration of new Chinese cookbook trends on page 37 of the Gourmand Yearbook 2007.
Publisher: ISBN: 7-121-03484-0, www.century-wave.com, www.linyilun.com (Century-Wave)

Kokkaa vartissa. Cook in 15 minutes
Easy recipes for busy family, or singles by the television and radio chef Sami Garam.
Author: Sami Garam
Publisher: ISBN: 978-952-492-081-0, www.minervakustannus.fi (Minerva Kustannus)

Les P’tits Plats de Babette à la téle
She now has the prestige restaurant La Table de Babette, at the same location of the previous Jamin of Joel Robuchon.
Author: Babette de Rozieres Butin, Photos: Alexandre Rety
Publisher: ISBN: 978 2 841675210 (Didier Carpentier)

Lafer! Lichter! Lecker!
Most interesting innovative layout.
Author: Die Etwas Andere Kochschule
Publisher: ISBN: 978 3898831505 (Zabert Sandmann)

Hardenberg operates a greenlandic food take out in Nuuk.
Author: Anne Sophie Hardenberg
Publisher: ISBN: 8755818803, www.atuakkiorfik.gl (Atuakkiorfik)

Zaike Ka Safar. 100 Best of Jiggs Kalra
The energy of the Indian culinary star shines through the ample diversity of Indian recipes in the book.
Author: By Pushpesh Pant and Zorawar Kalra
Publisher: ISBN: 978 81 84241234 (Allied Publishers)

Bereik Ă©n Behoud Je. Ideale Gewicht!
Total sales of the 3 books of the author are over 500.000 since May 2005.
Author: Sonja Bakker, Illustrations: L.Heijn, P.Janswaard
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9078211006, www.sonjabakker.nl (Zonnestraal)

Smak av Krydder
Thailand, Zanzibar, India, South Africa, Oman, Iran, Malaysia, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, La Reunion, Pakistan, Mozambique.
Author: Andreas Viestad, Photos: Mette Randem
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8252566635 (Cappelen)

Rumba Gourmet, La Nueva Cocina Panameña
This is the third cookbook of the author.
Author: Cuquita Arias de Calvo
Publisher: ISBN: 9962 02 9619, www.alestilocuquita.com (Al Estilo de Cuquita)

The Table with Unbroken Legs. Stol z niepowylamywanymi Nogami
Robert Maklowicz is a television celebrity, a famous food writer and promoter of Slow Food. His series “culinary journeys” is a success.
Author: Piotr Bikont, Robert Maklowicz
Publisher: ISBN 9788324008025, www.kuchnia.mckornik.com, www.maklowicz.tvp.pl (Znak)

South Africa
A unique cookbook, fun, and excellent recipes, with mouth watering stories. One author is the most succesful radio presenter in the country and the other is a best-selling author. The unusual title shows how the book is. Jeremy is Nelson Mandela’s Honorary Grandson.
Author: Jeremy and Jacqui Mansfield: Foreword by Billy Gallagher, Honorary President of South African Chefs Association, Foreword by Terry Volkwyn, Editor: Cecilia Barfield, Publisher: Linda de Villiers
Publisher: ISBN: 9781770074545 (Struik)

Spain – Castellano
Cocina Cada Dia con Corazón. Todas las recetas del programa RTVE Por la mañana
This thick book of 638 pages has all the recipes of the television morning show hosted by Inés Ballester, a star in Spain.
Author: Inés Ballester
Publisher: www.temasdehoy.es, ISBN: 978 8484606376 (Temas de Hoy)

Spain – Catalan
La Cuina de l’Isma. Els Menus Clàssics
The young star chef of Catalan television TV3 has already published three cookbook.
Author: Isma Prados
Publisher: ISBN: 84-7871 8095, www.tv3.cat (La Magrana)

Solens smak: nya matresor till Italien. The taste of sun: new Italian foodtravels
Bo Hagström has transformed his charming television program into a lively book.
Author: Bo Hagström. Peter Anders Rudelius
Publisher: www.damm.se (Damm Förlag AB)

Switzerland – German
So koche ich jeden Tag. Meine schönsten neuen TV-Rezepte

Author: Anne Marie Wildeisen, Photos:Andreas Fahmi
Publisher: ISBN: 978-3-03800-338-0, ISBN: 978-3-03800-296-3 (At Verlag-Switzerland)

Great British Village Show Cookbook
The sights and sounds of a traditional English summer, from a BBC Prime time series started in April 2007, for eight weeks.
Author: James Martin
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1405320801, www.jamesmartinchef.co.uk (Dorling Kindersley)

United Arab Emirates
Super indian Cookbook IV, Starters, Salads, Snacks
Extremely popular book in Dubai, with several editions. The author is a noted food connoisseur. He has hosted cookery shows on Zee TV and ARY.
Author: Rakesh Puri, Photos: Anish Pandya, Foreword by Chef Uwe Micheel, President, Emirates Culinary Guild
Publisher: (Park Lane Publishers)

Tangy, Tart, Hot and Sweet: A World of Recipes for Every Day
The author won in 1999 a World Cookbook Award in Versailles for her first book “Easy Exotic”. She is now host of TV top chef, with great success. This book is very personal, which was part of the appeal of the first one.
Author: Padma Lakshmi
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1602660063 (Weinstein Books)

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