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Maggie’s Harvest
The world famous author from the Barossa Valley has published ten books.
Author: Maggie Beer
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1920989-54-5 , www.maggiebeer.com.au (Penguin Australia)

Wildkräuter Delikatessen

Author: Susanne Till, Photos: Ulrike Köb
Publisher: ISBN: 978 3701730438 (Residenz Verlag)

Receitas Saborosas con Carne

Author: André Boccato
Publisher: ISBN: 85 7555 1205 (Editora Gaia-Editora Boccato)

Canada – English
Fresh. Seasonal Recipes Made with local foods
Bishop’s Restaurant, Vancouver.
Author: John Bishop, Dennis Green, Dawne Gourley
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1 553652458 (Douglas McIntyre)

Dangers of Food – What not to eat, when not to eat, dangerous combinations. What to stop doing, and what to do
The striking innovative cover is quite appropriate to explain all the dangers of eating for health. It is also a well designed book, with many illustrations. The contemporary new ways of eating are well considered.
Author: Zhang Ren Quing, Zhen Xian Min, Food Cultural Books of China
Publisher: ISBN: 978-7-5032-3072-1, www.cttp.net.cn (China Travel and Tourism Press)

Sepamaa Talu Kook – The Kitchen of Sepamaa Talu
Bilingual, with English-Estonian. Very personal summer home recipes.
Author: Anni Arro
Publisher: ISBN: 9789949427529 (Ajakirjade)

Arkkitehtien Piparkakkutalot
Sophisticated architecture with chocolate cookies.
Author: Jari Jetsonen. Sirkkaliisa Jetsonen
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9513140403 (Tammi)

Cuisine Inspirée
25 Top french chefs explain the status of inspired french cookery today.
Author: Ingrid Astier, Photographies: Hervé Nègre
Publisher: ISBN: 978 29 14645935 (Agnes Vienot Editions)

Oui, Chef! Meine Neue, Leichte Französische Küche
One Michelin star German chef working in Alsace. At le Rendez vous de Chasse in ColmarGrand Hotel Bristol.150 great photos.
Author: Michaela Peters, Anna Cavelius, Photos: Jorg Lehmann
Publisher: ISBN: 978 3 8338 09361 (GU)

Fasting with Taste. Nostimon Nistisimon
Nice useful and practical book.
Author: Alexandros Giotis
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9604427437, foreignrights: Lisa Koytsoudaki (Ellinika Grammata)

Hong Kong
Hot Tomatoes
Second book in the series, nominated for two awards to date.
Author: Angelo McDonnell
Publisher: ISBN: 978 988 9938710 (Elite Champ Ltd-KHL Printing)

Veneto in Tavola. Ricette e Sapori Tipici della Tradizione
The excellent texts are really enhanced by the great photographs. There are recipes from the 24 denominations of origin and 3 Docg. The province of Veneto is the first region for food exports, with 25%. They have excellent wines, with big sales in volume, but also with high quality wines.
Author: Texts: 10 authors, Photos: Cristiano Bulegato, Introduction: Luca Zaia, Vice President of the Giunta Regionale del Veneto
Publisher: ISBN: 978 88 89846476, www.terra.ferma.it (Terra Ferma)

Delicate Sugarcraft from Japan
The world famous author published one of the most reference beautiful books on this subject.
Author: Naomi Yamamoto, Photos: Fumihiko Watanabe
Publisher: ISBN: 978 4 388060184, www.shibatashoten.co.jp (Shibata)

The book stands out by photography and design, and the impressive TV Chef. He is passionate in his quest for quality. The stories are moving and beautiful. All the best ingredients for a great book.
Author: Herman den Blijker, Jaap van Rijn
Publisher: ISBN: 978 902 151 5342 (Kosmos)

New Zealand
The Confident Cook
The author is an international star food writer and journalist. She is past President of IACP.
Author: Lauraine Jacobs
Publisher: ISBN: 1869418239 (Random House)

Himmelske Kombinasjoner
How to make heavenly combinations by matching food and wine.
Author: Salvesen, Bundt, Bohn
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8251624176 (Schibsted)

Foodlore and Flavors – Inside the South East Asian Kitchen

Author: Tan Su – Lyn, Photos: Neal Oshima
Publisher: ISBN: 978 971 9317050 (Artpostasia-Philippines)

Breakfast in Bed, Pleasure about Food. Sniadanie w tózku, I inne rozkosze….kulinarne
The author emigrated in 1981 to Australia where she was a model,an actress and a photographer. She came back after 20 years, and is now a telented food writer. Her first book in 1997 was “Indian Summer”.
Author: By Agnieszka Perepeczko
Publisher: ISBN 9788373862128, www.nowy-swiat.pl (Nowy Swiat)

In the Artist’s Kitchen,
The Centro Cultural was founded in 1981 by Marie Hubert and her husband Volker who died 3 years ago. The gallery promotes contemporary art. The cookbook is a special project where the artists had a lo of pleasure realizing the book.
Author: By 38 artists from 13 nationalities
Publisher: ISBN: 978-9899532809, In English, German and Portuguese, www.centroculturalsaolourenco.com (Centro Cultural Sao Lourenço)

Puerto Rico
Petit Chef. Recetas Divertidas, Nutritivas y Educativas
This is an outstanding book, bursting with energy, creativity, enthusiasm and happiness. It is also very serious, taking into account health, costs, work, learning, all mixed with fun for children. It is unusual to see a book for children which takes care of all aspects of eating in such a balanced and accomplished way. Congratulations!
Author: Bernice Guzmán de Padial, Fotógrafo: Mariela Alvarez, Artista: Rita Campos
Publisher: ISBN 0979065100, www.petit-chef.com (Culinary Entertainment-Puerto Rico)

Beauty Recipes, 3 Volumes, 1.- Slimming Menus, 2.- Anti Stress, 3.- Nutrition of Hair and Skin

Author: Marina Vasilyeva and Alyona Makhankova, Scientific consultant: Lyudmila Potyomkina, Cover photographed by Valery Velikov, and Igor Ashmarin, Designed by Valentina Chemyakina
Publisher: ISBN: 978 5 8029 16391 – 978 5 8029 16940, 978 5 8029 6193 3 (Arkaim)

Ljubavni Zalogaji

Publisher: ISBN: 868 3611751 (Computer Books)

South Africa
Life’s A Beach Cottage
The author is House and Leisure magazine food editor.
Author: Neil Roake, Photography: Sean Laurenz
Publisher: ISBN: 9780620392004 (Modern Museum Publishing)

Spain – Castellano
The author has a restaurant in Orense. The photographer is the leading photo artist in Galicia. The book was helped by ACRUGA, the Cattle Association of Galicia.
Author: Flavio Morganti, Photos: Xurxo Lobato
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8444100135, www.everest.es (Everest)

Spain – Catalan
Festival, 11 Cuiners Joves de Lleida
The text is both in Catalan and Spanish in the book. It shows the innovative spirit of the chef and the author. It also has great design and photography.
Author: Ramon Rubinat Parellada, Photos: Oriol Rosell, Illustrations: Lorens Rosanes
Publisher: www.oriolrosell.com (Turisme de Lleida-Institut Municipal d’Accio Cultural de Lleida)

Under valnötsträdet. Under the walnut tree
Mother and daughter, have produced a book with a cover that expresses all the love, knowledge and passion they share on good food.
Author: Anna Bergenström, Photos: Fanny Bergenström
Publisher: ISBN: 91-976279-0-9, www.trioforlag.se (Trio förlag)

Great British Menu Cookbook. New Recipes, Top Chefs, Local Food as seen on BBC
Delicious regional food, with BBC Two Series.
Author: Optomen Television
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1 405322102, www.dk.com (DK)

Honga’s Lotus Petal: Pan-Asian Cuisine
From the famous restaurant in Telluride, Colorado.
Author: Im Hopgood – Lisa Waring
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1 586858933 (Gibbs-Smith)

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