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Le Délice des Conserves et des Confitures
Preserves and jams
Author: Madame Haddad Houria Saïdoun
Publisher: (Dar El Hana)

La Vuelta al Mundo en Mil Ensaladas
One thousand salads from around the world. The author is a doctor in internal medicine and takes care of young adults in the private hospital of Mar del Plata. She is a true culinary investigator.
Author: Leticia Rimola
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9507865411 (Editorial Biblos)

Garden Feast
The author is a horticulturalist, gardening writer and television presenter.
Author: Melissa King
Publisher: ISBN: 978 07333 17644 (ABC Books)

Zur Suppe!
Healing soups.
Author: Andrea Karrer, Photos: Luzia Ellert
Publisher: ISBN: 978 3701 730612 (Residenz Verlag)

Graos e Sementes: A Vida Encapsulada
Monography on one of the basic foods of mankind by a prestigious botanist.
Author: Gil Felippe, Illustrations: Fabiana Fernandes, Maria Cecília Tomas
Publisher: ISBN: 978 857359 5406 (Senac-Sao Paulo)

Canada – English
Tomatoes – Recipes from Canada’s Best Chefs
Tomatoes is one of the leading single subjects for cookbooks. This is a most interesting Canadian view of tomatoes, a universal favorite.
Author: Elaine Elliot – Virginia Lee
Publisher: ISBN: 088730-723-3 (Formac-Lorimer-Canada)

Canada – French
La Cuisine et le Goût des Épices
The authors are spice merchants,at Olives et Epices, and at La Depense, Montreal. La Depense means pantry in old french.
Author: Philippe de Vienne et Ethné de Vienne
Publisher: ISBN: 978 2 895683520 (Trecarre)

1000 Soups / 1000 Yang
Soups are very important for health and quality in good Chinese meals. This book shows how rich and diversified the soup culture is in China.
Author: Baibian Ying Yang Bozhou
Publisher: ISBN: 978-7-200-06690-6, www.tangmark.com, Tangmark Publishing – Beijing, www.bph.com.cn (Beijing Publishing House Group)

Author: Lia Virkus. Pille Enden
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9949 427574 (Ajakirjade)

Maista maista makkaraa
The history and production of sausages, with complete presentation of products from the industrial sector of cured meat.
Author: Ilkka Vuorikuru, Graphic Design: Peteri Kiveras
Publisher: ISBN: 978-951-37-4822-7, www.edita.fi, (Edita)

La Chataigne en Perigord, fruit des temps et des hommes
Chestnuts have been one pillar of the economy and food of Dordogne for centuries. This book is the new reference for the sector.
Author: Syndicat des producteurs de Chataignes et de Marrons du Perigord
Publisher: ISBN: 978-2352 490111, Mise en page: Roger Bourinet et Caroline Watelle, Partenaires: Conseil General de Dordogne et Conseil Regional Aquitaine, www.lalauze.com (La Lauze)

Das Grosse Buch von Wild
New revised edition of the wild game classic.
Author: Photos: Odette Teubner
Publisher: ISBN: 978 3 833806957 (Gräfe und Unzer)

Hong Kong
Hot Tomatoes
Second book in a series, nominated for two awards to date.
Author: Angelo McDonnell
Publisher: ISBN: 978 988 9938710 (Elite Champ Ltd-KHL Printing)

Healthy Taste of Indian Culture. Cooking with Yoghurt
Cooking with yoghurt is an art and a tradition in India. These are southern India recipes.
Author: Viji Vara Darajan
Publisher: ISBN: 8190287621 (Orient Press)

Patate da Amare
Sixty potatoes recipes
Author: Pia Passalacqua, Carlo Veschi
Publisher: ISBN 978 8879061674 (Gribaudo)

Book of Potato
Mountain potatoes and sweet potatoes.
Author: Kono Masako
Publisher: ISBN: 978 4766 210840, www.graphsha.jp (Graphsha)

Delices de Date

Author: Cuisine Marocaine
Publisher: www.miloudinouiga.com (Editions Nouiga – Morocco)

United Wraps
Crepes in France,Tortilla in Mexico.
Author: Ep Meijer
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9066118553, www.epsstukjes.blogspot.com (Inmerc)

Eple. Ikon, Myte, Mat
Author: Oivind Hanes. Kenneth Hansen, Photos: Knut Bry, Designer: Anne C.Holm
Publisher: ISBN: 978 205365537 (Gyldendal)

Rutas y Sabores del Cebiche
This 180 pages book could become the reference on the best loved and most representative food from Peru, with much detail on local traditions and history. The author is a social scientist (CEPES), and an expert on the gastronomy of Peru and its history.
Author: Mariano Valderráma
Publisher: ISBN: 9972 541592 (Universidad San Martin de Porres)

The author has already published many cookbooks.
Author: Barbara Jakimovicz-Klein. Bertelsmann Media
Publisher: ISBN: 978 832470567-2 www.swiatksiazki.pl (Swiat Ksiazki)

Cozinha das Especiarias
The cuisine of the spices
Author: Ana da Costa Cabral. Illustrations: Luisa Flores
Publisher: ISBN: 978 972 1058071 (Publicacoes Europa-America)

Marea Carte de Bucate

Author: Pentro Oameni Frumosi si Sanatosi. Mircea Georgescu
Publisher: ISBN: 973 636 212 4 (Antet)

Classic Asian Noodles

Author: Lee Geok Boi
Publisher: ISBN: 978 981 2613356 (Marshall Cavendish)

Spain – Castellano
El Jamón Ibérico en la Gastronomía del Siglo XXI
The new reference book on the best Spanish ham, with recipes by the best Spanish chefs. A treasure!!
Author: Academia Española de Gastronomía. Presidente: Rafel Ansón, Fotos: Mikel Alonso
Publisher: Dirección Editorial: Raquel López Varela, Coordinación Editorial: Ángeles Llamazares, Diseño: David de Ramón y Blas Rico, ISBN: 978 8424184858 (Everest)

Spain – Catalán
Cent Salses
Chef Morell celebrates his 50 years in the kitchen. He is already the author of four other cookbooks, about snails, pig, coffee, etc.
Author: Josep M.Morell I Bitria, Proleg de Josep Ramón Correal, Photographies: Laurent Sansen
Publisher: ISBN: 978-84-9779-498-5 www.pageseditors.com (Pages Editors)

Spain – Gallego
The author has a restaurant in Orense. The photographer is the leading photo artist in Galicia. The book was helped by ACRUGA, the Cattle Association of Galicia. Published in Gallego or Castellano.
Author: Flavio Morganti, Photos: Xurxo Lobato
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8444100135, www.everest.es, (Everest)

The culinary history of rhubarbs is presented .Ingar Nilsson serves it with stews, fish, chicken and oysters.
Author: Rubarb. Ingar Nilsson
Publisher: ISBN: 978-91-27-35726-6, www.nok.se (Natur & Kultur)

Switzerland – French
Les 1001 Façons de l’Apprêter la Tomate.
The author is the chef of the Marseille restaurant “Une Table au Sud”.
Author: Lionel Lévy
Publisher: ISBN: 978 2 8289 09628 www.editionsfavre.com (Editions Favre)

Switzerland – German
Gabelzart. Fleisch “Sanft-Garen” macht’s möglich
This is the second book by meat specialist Werner Wirth. He describes his new method of Sanft Garen meat. He says that his roast beef is so tender thatyou do not even need a knife. A book focused on the technique of preparing meat the best way - Very usefull for meat lovers. Not his first book on this technical topic, but surely one of the most complete
Author: Werner Wirth
Publisher: ISBN: 978-3-9522763-10 (Verlag Wewi-Switzerland)

Silivrim Kaymak! Turkiye’nin Yogurtlari
Turkey Yoghurt reference book, 375 pages.
Author: Artun Ünsal, Photos: Cemal Emdenen
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9750812767(Yapikredi)

Nichola Fletcher’s Ultimate Venison Cookery
The author is the world reference for deer farming and venison. She is a member of the Guild of Food Writers. She has a delightful french tower, La Tour, in Dordogne between Bergerac and Perigueux, available for holiday lets.
Author: Nichola Fletcher
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1 904057604, www.nicholafletcher.com (Quiller Books)

A Geography of Oysters: The Connoisseur’s Guide to Oyster, Eating in North America
This will become the reference book on this subject.
Author: Rowan Jacobsen
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1 59691 3257, Agent: Stephany Evans (Bloomsbury)

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