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Canada – French
Au Pied de Cochon – L’Album
Published for the fifth anniversary of the restaurant in Montreal. The book is different in many ways from other chef books. It is also full of professional tips.
Author: Martin Picard
Publisher: ISBN 9782980949845 www.restaurantaupieddecochon.com (Martin Picard – Canada)

Recipes of the Sui Yan Period
This is a soft cover old style printing and binding of the translation of a poet recipes of the Sui Yan period. The cost is only 5 Euros, for a book that feels hand made, with many color photos. It is a most interesting example of the potential of Chinese printers.
Publisher: ISBN: 7-80741-099-X/Z-001 ISBN: 978 7807410997 www.whbooks.com.cn (Wen Hui Press-Shanghai)

Design Cookbook Collection. Coz Takle Datsi….. Banan Salat Piticka Lilek
50 Recipes young energizing humor taste imagination. Each focusing on one great tasting ingredient.
Author: ISBN: 978 80903644 93 978 8090364486 978 8090 364479 978 8090 364462
Publisher: www.zapalena-kucharka.cz/en (Ootb Solutions)

Quito Gourmet
The recipes from the best Quito restaurants.
Author: Irene María Cobo Diseño: Alejandra Camacho Introducción: Alfonso Reece
Publisher: ISBN: 9978 324 100 www.latinweb.com.ec (Latinweb)

Anna-Liisa Kokaraamat 2

Author: Annalisa ja Lia Virkus Photos: Jaan Heinmaa
Publisher: ISBN: 978 998 5 980507 (Ajakirjade)

Menestyksen Reseptit
Finland celebrities offer recipes in a simple book.
Author: Ilsa Strand. Ja Arno Kotro
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9511216315 (Otava)

Weder Fisch Noch Fleisch.Neither Fish nor Fowl
The author works in industrial graphic design. It is very graphic artistic practical. The recipes and the book are enjoyable and entertaining with a good sense of humor.One of the best offers at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2007.
Author: Annette Flach
Publisher: (Manuscript)

In.Gredienti. Le Calandre
This book is available only at Le Calandre or on www.alajmo.it. It was printed in separete italian and english editions. It is a masterpiece, truly innovative, by the youngest 3 Michelin Stars chef in Italy. It succeeds in design, content, photography. The way the recipes are explained is truly innovative. The chefs do share their secrets in details with diagrams, illustrations and beautiful photography. You have to see this book!
Author: Massimiliano e Raffaele Alajmo Photographs by Wolfgang Wesener-Wowe Art Director: Filippo Maglione English Edition Director: Faith Willinger Publishing Manager: Romina Savi
Publisher: (Alajmo Edizione)

Alles Over Pasta
All about pasta.
Author: Stefano Manti
Publisher: ISBN: 97890 87240165 (Miller Books)

Middagen er I Boks
Great illustrations.
Author: Tove Valmot Illustrations Jo Michael
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8205 375918 (Gyldendal Fakta)

Las Cocinas del Peru
Collection of 10 Volumes: 1.- La Cocina Criolla; 2.- La Cocina de las Cebicherias; 3.- La Cocina de los Chifas; 4.- La Cocina Nikkei; 5.- La Cocina Casera; 6.- La Cocina de la Calle; 7.- La Cocina Norteña; 8.- La Cocina del Sur; 9.- La Cocina Novoandina; 10.- Las Cocinas del Futuro
Author: Gastón Acurio Edición Hirka Roca Rey Diseño: Ana Lozada Fotógrafo: José Cáceres
Publisher: ISBN: 9972217493 (El Comercio)

The Governor – General’s Kitchen.Philipines Culinary Vignettes and Period Recipes 1521-1935. In English
The book received the 2006 National Book Award for cookbooks.
Author: Felice Prudente Sta.Maria Design: Guillermo Ramos Ige Ramos Design Studio
Publisher: ISBN: 971 2716961 (Anvil)

The Best Cooking under the Sun. Kuchnia Najlepsza pod Stoncem
The author is a specialist of Italian culture and writing . She is the owner of several restaurants including the famous Copernicus in Krakow.
Author: Katarzyna Likus Design: Barbara Deren-Marzel Photos: Jakub Pa Jewski
Publisher: ISBN 8374770872 (Edipresse)

Practical Encyclopedia of World Cookery

Author: Svetlana Pershina Irina Roitenberg Styled by Elena Bryukhina Art Design by Valentina Chemyakina
Publisher: ISBN: 978 582916537 (Arkaim)

MAW Broon’s Cookbook Editor: Eleanor Abraham
Clever innovative design for the cookbook of Scotland first family from the Sunday Post cartoons started in 1936. The previous annual sold 100.000 copies. Maw Broon is fair chuffed that her book o’cordon Broon recipes is gan doon sae weel.
Author: Consultant Editor and Spokes Person for the Broons Family: David Donaldson
Publisher: ISBN 978 1902 407456 www.waverleybooks.com (Waverley)

South Africa
Life’s A Beach Cottage
The author is House and Leisure magazine food editor.
Author: Neil Roake Photography: Sean Laurenz
Publisher: ISBN: 9780620392004 (Modern Museum Publishing)

Spain – Castellano
Aloña – Sólo Pintxos
A very carefully done books where design paper photography give weight to the traditional and new pintxos from the basque area.
Author: Editor: Javier Urroz Chef: J.RamĂłn Elizondo
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8461135479 (Crecom)

Märta Stures Hushållsbok i två delar. Book of housekeeping
Two books come in one package equally beautiful. The first is a replica of the handwritten original from 1739 and the other a modern presentation and transcription.
Author: Märta Sture bearbetad av Kersti Wikström
Publisher: ISBN: 978-91-7108-513-9 www.nordiskamuseet.se (Nordiska Museets Förlag)

Switzerland – French
Mise en Bouche
Innovative design by a talented artist.
Author: Annick Jeanmairet Graphiste Sebastien de Haller
Publisher: ISBN: 978-2-8289-0938-3 www.editionsfavre.com (Favre Suisse)

1080 Recipes
The Spanish home cooking classic has been redesigned by Phaidon. It is a beautiful masterpiece of creativity. It becomes a very young happy book and most useful in all kitchen.
Author: Simone and Inés Ortega Illustrations: Javier Mariscal Foreword: Ferran Adria
Publisher: ISBN: 978 07148 44671 www.phaidon.com (Phaidon)

Williams-Sonoma Tools and Techniques
Comprehensive evaluation of both classic and contemporary equipment with over 300 cooking techniques. A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.
Author: Chuck Williams Foreword: Thomas Keller Photos: Tucker Hossler
Publisher: ISBN: 1 934533033 www.williams-sonoma.com (Gold St.Press)

Tocar Fuego 45 Recetas de Puño y Letra
Fifteen of the best chefs in Venezuela got together for these forty five recipes “written by hand”. The great recipes design and photography are a tribute to the new excellence of Venezuela cookery.
Author: Rafael Gullén Francisco Abenante Design: Ricardo Limongi Foreword: Prof. José Rafael Lovera
Publisher: ISBN: 980 12 21682 (Rafael Guillen Photo-Venezuela)

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