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El Patrimonio Culinario del Líbano
Chef Ramzi visited Argentina and filmed a show for his Ramadan 2008 television series.
Author: Ramzi Choueiri
Publisher: ISBN: 97 450505079612 (Bonum Argentina)

Chefs – Secrets and Recipes
Translated from the DK masterpiece of 2005. The Brasilian edition has a great new cover.
Author: Coordination: Jill Norman
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8506049105 (Melhoramentos)

Health Book Series
Kibea has participated in the Gourmand Awards several times over the past year.
Publisher: (Kibea)

Cooking secrets of the Royal Kitchen of Korea
A pleasant design makes Royal Cuisine easy to understand, with step by step photography, and clear illustrations.
Author: by Eun-Young Kim
Publisher: ISBN 978-7-121-03805-1 www.phei.com.cn (Kugil Publishing Korea, Publishing House of Electronics Industry-China)

Kubanishe Küche. Cocina Cubana
Cuban cuisine, in German and in Spanish. The author is the Ambassador of Cuban cuisine in Germany, where he introduced the mojito cocktail. He is a very talented writer, gastronome, and cultural events organizer
Author: Evelio Guevara Pérez
Publisher: ISBN: 978 959 2097513 (Ediciones Union-Cuba)

Sonderjysk Kaffebord
This children book from the 18th century was first published in German by Hoffmann und Campe in 2006.
Author: Siegfried Lenz, Illustreret at Kirsten Reinhold
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8770700153, www.hovedland.dk (Hovedland)

Modern Egyptian Cooking
The book is available in 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian and German.
Author: Mehdawy Magda
Publisher: ISBN: 977 1735918 (Hussein AMR)

Kala, 80 Klassikalist Ja, Tänapaevast Rooga

Author: Joanna Farrow
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9985313053, Translated from Conran Octopus-UK (Varrak)

Faroe Islands
Eg Vil Itava Fisk?. I want to have fish
Translated from Icelandic language to the Faroe Islands language, which is related to Danish, but different.
Author: Áslaug Jónsdóttir
Publisher: ISBN: 978 99918 15497, www.bfl.fo (Bókadeild Foroya Laerarafelags)

Vivi-Annin keittiössä. Vivi-Ann´s Kitchen
The beloved actress has all her life been open to new ideas from local cooking in Africa and elsewhere. Kitchens are like people, some you love at first sight, others need more time.Translated from Swedish.
Author: Vivi-Ann Sjögren
Publisher: ISBN: 978-951-50-1699-7, www.schildts.fi (Schildts)

Tapas – Die Molekulare Küche im 21. Jahrhundert
Great book with the best Spanish cuisine.
Author: Paco Roncero, Photos: Javier Peñas Cape
Publisher: ISBN: 978 3898808019 (Heel Verlag)

Culinary Cultures

Author: Council of Europe Publishing
Publisher: www.coe.int (Sapere 2000)

Meat, Pastry, Desserts, Poultry and Game

Author: Le Cordon Bleu
Publisher: ISBN: 9953299323 (Arab Scientific Publishers)

Piatti Tradizionali Lituani.Lithuanian Traditional Foods
Traditional Lithuanian recipes with many illustrations.
Author: Birnte Imbrasiene, Translation to Italian: Anna Karpic
Publisher: Italian ISBN: 978 9955230717 (Baltos Lankos)

Annals of the Caliphs’ Kitchens
This english translation of Ibn Sayyar al-Warraq’s 10th century Baghdadi cookbook offers a unique glimpse into the culinary culture of medieval Islam. Hundreds of recipes, anecdotes and poems, with an extensive introduction, a glossary, an appendix and 30 color illustrations. 944 pages
Author: English translation with introduction and glossary by Nawal Nasrallah
Publisher: In English, ISBN: 978 90 04 158672 (Brill, Leiden and Boston)

A Saúde Pelos Óleos Vegetais
Vegetal oils and their benefits, les huiles vegetales et leurs bienfaits.
Author: Sally Chessman, Traduçao: Marta Oliveira, Copyright: Les Editions Quebecor
Publisher: ISBN: 978 972 108224, www.europa-america.pt (Publicoes Europa-America)

Deserturi Co Fructe

Author: Translated by Aurelia Ulici
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9737171177 (RAO Books – Larousse from France)

Die Tricks und Tipps der Koche. Profesionalne Kulinarske Tajne
Published in Germany by Hadecke.
Author: Hans Peter Matkowitz, Juliana Raskin-Schmitz
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8683611928, www.malemajstorije.com (Computer Books)

An excellent translation of the world famous beer author for a country famous for its beer drinkers.
Author: Michel Jackson
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8072097753, www.slovart.sk (Slovart)

Spain – Castellano
Translated from Guido Tommasi Editore-Milano.
Author: Giovanni de Biasio
Publisher: ISBN: 978 8484182979, www.mangiarebene.com, www.altrotempo.net (Zendrera)

Hett. Heat

Author: Bill Buford, Translation:Mattias Göthe
Publisher: ISBN: 978-91-85555-04-8, www.albertbonnierforlag.se (Albert Bonniers Förlag)

A Sprig of Dill. A Memoir Flavoured with Romanian Cuisine.Romanian Cuisine, Memories and recipes of a home in Bucharest
Translator Josephine Bacon is considered by many as the top expert on translation to American and English.
Author: Sanda Nitesco, Translation: American Pie – Josephine Bacon
Publisher: ISBN: 978 0955462702, www.americanization (Pholieta Publishing)

United Arab Emirates
Non profit initiative seeded with a grant from the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage to fund the translation, publication and distribution from other languages into arabic.
Publisher: www.kalima.ae

Dining by the Stars, an Astrology Cookbook
Translated from Astrologija Virtuve of February 2006, published by Madris in Riga. The chefs are from the finer restaurants of Riga, Latvia.
Author: Translated from Latvia Maija Dambis Collins, Photographer Maris Zemgalietis
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1 425964566 (Author House)

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