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Die Oberösterreichische Küche.520 Klassische Rezepte
Upper Austria. Pernkopf is at Gasthof Gruenberg in Gmunden.
Author: Ingrid Pernkopf.Christoph Wagner
Publisher: ISBN: 978 3701200320 (Edition Oberosterreich)

Belgium – French
Carnet de Cuisine. Produits du Terroir de la Hesbaye
Restaurant Clos Saint Denis, Kortessem
Author: Christian Denis, Jan van Hemeledonck
Publisher: ISBN: 978 90209 69689, www.closstdenis.com (Racine)

Canada – English
Where People Feast: An Indigenous People’s Cookbook
The authors are a mother and daughter team. This is a team effort! Dolly and Annie are from the Gitksan first nation in British Colombia.
Author: Dolly and Annie Watts – Liliget Feast House, Vancouver
Publisher: ISBN: 978-1551 522210, www.liliget.com (Arsenal Pulp Press – Canada)

Canada – French
Les Producteurs Toqués de l’Île d’Orléans
Bilingual book with beautiful recipes, which were all tested by Chef Philippe who runs l’Auberge Le Canard Huppé on the Orleans island.
Author: Farmers in chefs hats, Linda Arsenault – In French and English
Publisher: ISBN 9782980972102, www.producteurstoques.com (Producteurs Toqués-Canada)

Shanghai Dish Collection
Editor in Chief: Jing Zong Zhang. Assistant Editor in Chief: Liming Jin, Guoxiang Xin, Xiangle Chen; Cuisine Consultant: Beron G Zi; Honorary Editor in Chief: Mingwei Song, Defeng Ren, Linghua Zeng. Dishes Cooking: Shanghai Classical Hotel (Beijing). Foreword: Su Qiu Cheng (President of Chinese Cuisine Association). Foreword: Jiin Zong Zhang (General Manager of Shanghai Classical Hotel). Foreword: Wang Zhi. The Shanghai Classical Hotel was founded in 1895. It is the birthplace of Shanghai local dishes.
Publisher: ISBN: 978 7535743801 (Hunan Science and Technology)

Falkland – Malvinas
Taste of the Falklands
Julie continually explores the Falklands. She has opened a galerie and photostudio in Stanley. The book is a joint venture with Stanley Restaurant, the Falkland Brasserie.
Author: Julie Bellhouse. Chef Alex Olmedo, Foreword: Baroness Thatcher
Publisher: www.52degrees.biz, www.atasteofthe falklands.com, ISBN: 0955553806 (Studio 52)

Skandimania. Scandinavia Antti and Visa wild to the north
For ten years Visa Nurmi and Antti Vahtera have written cookbooks. Now they have written a book about Scandinavian food. The trip goes from Livonsaari to islands Alyreyh and to Björneborg. Great photos by Seilo Ristimäki.
Author: Scandinavia Antti and Visa wild to the north
Publisher: ISBN: 978-951-0-32722-7 (WSOY)

Toques d’Auvergne
From the best chefs in the heart of France, by the leading publisher.
Author: Luc Olivier
Publisher: ISBN: 978 2951920262 (Hauteur d’Homme)

Spezialitäten aus Bayern
Excellent book by an experienced duo of culinary writers who have published many cookbooks. Support of the Bayer Staatsministerium fur Landwirtschaft und for Sten.
Author: Barbara, Hans Oltzen
Publisher: ISBN: 319 88 05700 (Heel)

Festival Samayal
The culinary offerings to the gods in the author’s second book on vegetarian cooking. Tamilnadu local cookery.
Author: Viji Varadarajan
Publisher: ISBN: 8190287605 (Orient Enterprises)

La Cucina Valdese
This book is a masterpiece of local cookery. The authors are the sommelier and cook of the restaurant Flipot of Torre Pellice since 1981. They reinterpreted the local recipes, starting from the 18th centruy writing of Madame Jahier-Munston. Bruna Frache teaches french, and wrote an excellent study of the local cookery. The photography and design are so good you want to go and visit. A great team work!.
Author: Gisella Pizzardi e Walter Eynard, Introduzione di Gianni Gentri, Testi di Bruna Frache, Fotografie di Ernesto e Stefano Corsani,
Publisher: ISBN: 978 887016 5562, www.claudiana.it (Claudiana)

The Slow Food of the Beach
Wisdom of sea people diet.
Author: The Food Culture of the Japanese Coast
Publisher: ISBN: 978 4885 365676, Masakazu Akagi (Hanging Human Corporation)

Mexico Handcrafted Art Central Region, Mexico Hecho a Mano, Centro
Beautiful photography book, including the best of Mexico in textiles, architecture, food, etc.
Publisher: ISBN: 978 9709726817, www.ameditores.com (AM Editores)

New Zealand
Market Day: A Taste of Life at New Zealand Farmers Markets
In this book, photographer Terry Winn is the co-author.
Author: Vicki and Terry Winn
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1 869661618, www.terrywinn.co.nz (New Holland NZ)

De la Selva, Su Cocina
The author and publisher is an ngo for peruvian women, celebrating its 30 years in 2008. This book shows the enormous cultural wealth of the tropical forest of Peru in the culinary areas. It focuses on Moyobamba, Tarapoto in San Martin region, and Pucallpa in Ucayali region.
Author: Movimiento Manuela Ramos, Photos: Juan Pablo Murrugarra Chávez
Publisher: (Movimiento Manuela Ramos)

Mysliw_kie Specjaty

Author: Zofia Sokulska, Barbara Kokoryn, Bauer Weltbild Media
Publisher: www.kdc.pl, ISBN: 978 837404637-4 (Agencia Fotograficzno, Mazury)

Gastronomia da Madeira
Madeira is a magical destination, with great food. This is the second cookbook of the author on Madeira food.
Author: JĂşlio Pereira, Photos: Alexandre Serra
Publisher: (livros e livros)

South Africa
The Cape Malay Illustrated Cookbook
The author combines traditional knowledge with modern practicality and convenience. The beautiful illustrations highlight both the beauty of Malay food and the culture itself.
Author: Faldela Williams, Illustrations: Liz Mills
Publisher: ISBN: 978 1770074057 (Struik)

Spain – Castellano
La Rioja – Paisajes Gastronómicos
A reference book on the current creativity of chefs in La Rioja.
Author: 13 Chefs
Publisher: ISBN: 84 81252794 (Gobierno de la Rioja)

Spain – Catalan
La Cuina Empordanesa de les Mestresses de Peralada
The recipes all have won an award in the local culinary competition from 1992 to 2006. There is also a presentation of local culinary history and products, focusing on the products, with an excellent report on the local wines, which are excellent.
Author: Salvador Garcia-ArbĂłs
Publisher: www.cossetania.com, ISBN: 978 8497 912860 (Cossetania)

Spain – Gallego
Amigos da Cocina Galega
Friends of the Cuisine of Galicia, available in Spanish or English.
Publisher: ISBN: 84 453 43238, ISBN: 84 453 43246 (DirecciĂłn Xeral de Turismo)

Saltstänkt: mat och människor i gamla tiders Bohuslän. A splash of salt- food and people in old Bohuslän
Histories on food and eating from the upper Swedish west coast told in an entertaining way.
Author: Kenneth Gustafson. Birgitta Arkenback
Publisher: ISBN: 91-88848-08-6 (YC Bokförlag)

Dervis Sofralari. Dervish’s Table – The Culinary Culture and Customs in Sufizim
According to Sufism, every phase of the meal is not just an action but a life doctrin. The book explans in 115 recipes and unique photography everything about Sufi cuisine.
Author: Sahrap Soysal, Photos: Koray Peközkay
Publisher: (Dogan Egmont)

Jam with Lamb, Seasonal West Country Cooking
The chef of the Castle Hotel in Somerset is a star on UK TV Food. The book focuses on local foods and products.
Author: Richard Guest, Foreword by Rosie Boycott
Publisher: ISBN: 978 184 1585604, www.the-castle-hotel.com (Birlinn)

The Boston Chef Table
17 Million tourists dine in these restaurant every year. The best chefs in Boston have given their recipes to the author, who is the founding member of the “Ladies who Lunch” group of Boston food writers.
Author: Clara Silverstein
Publisher: ISBN: 978 0762745142, www.clarasilverstein.com (Globe Pequot)

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